Why Does My AC Smell?

Summertime is on the way and that means blistering hot temperatures for much of the country. While there’s not…
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Summertime is on the way and that means blistering hot temperatures for much of the country. While there’s not much you can do about the weather, there are a few things you can do to make sure your home stays cool and comfortable. One of the most important things to keep in mind is your air conditioner. If your air conditioning unit is emitting an unpleasant odor, it may be an indication that something is wrong. There are several possible causes, but you’ll definitely want to identify the source of the problem before the temperature starts to climb. Keep reading to find out why your AC might smell.

Why does your air conditioner smell?


From time to time, you may find yourself asking, “why does my AC smell?” Your air conditioning unit may be emitting an unpleasant smell for a variety of reasons. One common issue is that the coils and filters may need to be cleaned. This is because your air conditioner could have a build-up of dirt and dust that worsens over time. If this is the case, then the smell should go away once they have been properly cleaned. If the issue persists, then it is possible that there is another problem with the unit that will need to be addressed by a professional.

If your air conditioner smells like it’s burning, there’s probably a problem with the evaporator coil. The coil is a series of metal coils that sit inside the air conditioner unit. When the AC is turned on, the coil absorbs the heat from the air inside your home and turns it into cold air. When the evaporator coil is covered in ice or frost, it won’t be able to absorb the heat from the air, which will cause the AC unit to overheat. This will create a burning smell and could damage the AC unit. Problems with the evaporator coil should always be handled by a a professional.

Another possible cause of a bad odor from your AC unit is a lack of refrigerant. If the refrigerant levels are low, your AC will not work properly and will smell bad. You should have a professional check the refrigerant levels in your AC unit to make sure they are correct. Having your unit inspected biannually by an HVAC professional will help you avoid running low on refrigerant unexpectedly.

What else can you do to keep cool in the summer?


There’s no doubt that a smart thermostat can make your home’s HVAC system more effective and keep you cozy all year long. By tracking your daily routine and adjusting the temperature accordingly, a smart thermostat can help save you money on your energy bill. By learning your preferences and automatically adjusting the temperature, a smart thermostat can help ensure that your home is always the perfect temperature. Unlike a traditional model, a smart thermostat can be controlled remotely, so you can always make sure your home is comfortable no matter where you are.

You should make sure your windows are in good condition. Cracks and crevices can let cool air escape and let warm outdoor air seep into your home. If your windows are beyond repair, or if you’re looking for a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing option, replacement windows may be the best option for you. To find the best replacement windows for your home, contact a local window replacement company.

It’s normal for your HVAC system to experience problems from time to time. What matters is that you address them in a timely manner. If you notice a bad smell from your air conditioner, you should investigate it as soon as you can. Having an HVAC technician examine the unit itself is usually the best way to resolve the issue quickly. As long as you take care of your HVAC system, it will take care of you and the rest of your family.