Smarter Ways to Spend Your Time Instead of Watching Reality TV

It is unreasonably easy to sink into the mind-numbing pit that is bingeing reality TV. There’s something hard wired…
a person reading a book

It is unreasonably easy to sink into the mind-numbing pit that is bingeing reality TV. There’s something hard wired into our DNA that’s drawn to the blown out dramas and the intricate life problems of people that we’ve never met. reality TV is like a recess from whatever’s troubling us in our own lives. If you watch enough episodes you get this strange feeling that whatever’s bothering you in your own life really isn’t that big of a deal at all.


Now, this is where we say stop! It’s a trap. In case it wasn’t already obvious, so much of those hysterical antics that transpire over the course of a reality TV show are scripted and staged for intoxicating dramatic effect. That’s why you end up being unconsciously conditioned to shrug off your own life responsibilities or issues. It’s time to put that whole nasty cycle to rest, and redirect your valuable energy and attention toward the wealth of other productive things you could be doing with your time.


With all the hours of your precious time you’ve burned on reality TV, you could have gotten a degree by going to law school in your 30s. You could be work at a large law firm, making a lot of money with the practice of law or as a paralegal! You never know. So, let’s take a look at some of the smarter ways you can spend your time instead of watching reality TV.

Pick up a book.


You can reap a whole lot of benefits from reading a book. Reading a book is its own practice of mindfulness. You’re forced to focus your attention on the words in front of you and quiet your mind. As long as you’re getting lost in a story, or even reading up on a new life skill, you won’t be able to get carried along down distracting thought streams or tossed about by worrying over the stresses of what tomorrow will bring. Plus, reading is a great way to expand your vocabulary.

Build up your investment portfolio.


Talk about a literal way to invest in yourself, and not in the dramatic lives of people that you’ll never actually meet. Whether you’re just getting started in the investment game or you’re a seasoned professional in the investment world, your best bet is to check out These guys have years of experience and they are not messing around with their investment advice. Their extensive guide on investment breaks down the intricacies of the art form that is making a sound investment and can earn you a lot of money. They run through how online investment works, and also they provide some great leads on the best online investing sites.

Take some stand up paddle boarding lessons.


Looking for a fun new way to spend your time? Lock down those stand up paddle boarding lessons. When stand up paddle boarding first popped up on the scene, it generated quite the rush of excitement, and with good reason. This sport offers a full body workout, and on top of that, you get this awesome vantage point of the scenery around you because you’re standing up. If you ask anyone who’s ever done some stand up paddling, they’ll tell you that it’s no joke when it comes to engaging core muscles. Those abs will be burning in no time!

Learn to cook something new.


The Coronavirus has forced many of us to spend unusually lengthy amounts of time in our respective quarantine caves. With all this time at home, and an overriding desire to not leave the house unless we absolutely have to, most of us are not eating out too often. That’s why the time is ripe to up your cooking game. Cooking acts as its own kind of calming meditation as well. You’ve got to be focused and present, and as you slowly put together that tasty new dish, you’ll find by the time you’re taking your first bite of the finished product, that you’re enjoying it way more than something you could’ve ordered at a restaurant.


We’ve touched on just a handful of smarter ways to spend your time than zoning out with some reality TV. We totally understand the pressing urge to just get lost in multiple reality TV episodes that manage to distract you from the real world, but you’ve got to exercise that self discipline! It might be tough at first, but with enough time you’ll find yourself wondering why you ever wasted all that time in the first place. Don’t forget – whether it’s law school admission or hopping on a standup paddleboard, there are plenty of more constructive ways to spend your time.