Moving to California? How to Blend in with the Locals

The Golden State is truly a great place to call home. California is filled with stunning coastlines, incredible peaks,…
a beach with people and trees

The Golden State is truly a great place to call home. California is filled with stunning coastlines, incredible peaks, cosmopolitan cities, and a diverse array of people and cultures. No matter if you are going to Northern or Southern California, living here certainly feels like a dream, but don’t buy into the fantasy that all Californians are tanned, blonde, beautiful surfers, and actors. If you’re moving here, then erase that California stereotype from your mind and check out the below wisdom to help you easily fit in.

It’s Expensive


Living in such a great state doesn’t come without its disadvantages — the biggest one being California’s high cost of living. Rent, food, and nightlife are all pricey so be prepared and budget accordingly. Start your move by finding an affordable storage company for moving your belongings. The best price storage units in San Francisco can be found with a quick online search. These storage facilities offer good security at a reasonable price. Moving is stressful enough already, so you want to make sure the whole process goes smoothly with a trustworthy storage company.



Californians are incredibly fashionable. The moderate climate allows for the locals to embrace a number of styles. You don’t have to fit into the surfer or Berkeley hippie aesthetic. Find what appeals to you and wear it with confidence. A casual, chic dress is one of the most popular styles you’ll see here. Power suits and preppy collars can be traded in for flip flops and jeans. Shop at the local brands like California Classics to fill your wardrobe with a slew of native-approved clothing. Denim, graphic tees, floppy hats, hoodies, and sunglasses are all superbly Californian.

Check out the local tastes.


If you’re a foodie then you’ll definitely fit right in. California boasts a variety of culinary tastes that can appeal to all palettes. You’ll find mouthwatering seafood, classy sushi bars, and of course, the traditional California burger. One of the most popular cuisines in California is Mexican. Eating at the major food chains like Chipotle won’t fly here. Instead, find a great food truck or taqueria for the ultimate burrito.

Use the Right Lingo


California has its own slang so be sure to get acquainted with the vernacular before moving. “Dank” and “bomb” mean “excellent,” “stoked” translates to “excited,” and “hella” is strictly used in the Bay Area. But whatever your choice of words are, never use the cringe-inducing “Cali” to refer to the Golden State. California natives rarely ever utter this word and actually wince when it’s used.

Embrace Wellness


California has an incredibly health-conscious culture. You’ll find a yoga studio, natural food store, pressed juice bar, and vegan eatery on nearly every street. This is the perfect place to start taking better care of your body and getting into shape. Stock up on local fruits and vegetables at your nearby farmers’ market, go for a hike in Runyon Canyon, and pick up a matcha latte at that earthy coffeehouse you keep passing by. Get into a downward-facing dog pose with a green juice by your side, no one will know you’re not from California!

Go Outside


The Golden State is famous for its pristine natural beauty so take advantage. Get used to going for a morning run along the beach. Spend your weekends discovering a new hiking trail. Take up surfing, snowboarding, or mountain biking. California’s climate and environment are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. You can go from the desert to snow-capped mountains in just a few hours’ drive. You’ll find the tallest trees in the world in the north and breathtaking sunsets along the shores of Los Angeles. No matter how long you stay don’t take heavenly paradise for granted.