How Digital Marketing Trends Are Shifting in 2021

Nowadays, successful businesses invest heavily in effective digital marketing practices for various reasons. Digital marketing brings several new opportunities…
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Nowadays, successful businesses invest heavily in effective digital marketing practices for various reasons. Digital marketing brings several new opportunities to companies and makes them more visible to their target audience.

Technological advancements and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continue to reshape all aspects of the business world, including digital marketing. Therefore, several new online marketing trends are emerging to suit new realities, so entrepreneurs need to stay on top of these trends to be competitive. Below are some insights into various digital marketing trends that are emerging this year.

Automated Bidding for Google Ads


Google AdWords marketers are constantly enhancing and tweaking their Google Ads for optimum performance. Although automated bidding on Google Ads started in 2016, many digital marketers predict that 2021 is the year that automated bidding will take over every aspect of ad optimization. Automated bidding will free up more time for marketers to focus on other digital marketing channels like PPC performance, helping them deliver better outcomes to clients. Therefore, now might be the best time to sharpen your digital marketing skills by taking some practical digital marketing classes. Esteemed internet marketing agencies such as SEO Design Chicago can help with this need.

SEO Design Chicago is a digital marketing company that helps businesses with content creation and digital advertising. They also consult on anything web-related, like adopting SEO best practices for your brand or lead generation. SEO Design Chicago’s team of specialists also equips industry experts, beginners, and other learners with the necessary skills and knowledge in internet marketing through various digital marketing classes. You can enroll in some of the best digital marketing courses, including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Management, Content Marketing, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, among others. What’s more, this enables you to obtain a digital marketing certificate at the end of your course. You can apply the knowledge acquired from your training to develop great digital marketing strategies to take your brand to the next level.

Local SEO

Google continually updates their local SEO algorithm, so local business owners should also frequently update their company’s appearance in local search results. Local SEO is arguably even more potent than broad SEO because it’s easier to convert potential customers searching for a specific business type within a defined geographic location. Therefore, you can reach your local target audience by integrating local keywords, like your city’s name, into your SEO strategy. If you run a wellness brand, you can also try out several strategies to make your enterprise successful. Interesting websites such as Mers In Biz can provide more insights into making your wellness business lucrative.

Mers In Biz is owned by Mers, an entrepreneur with over 15 years of business and consulting experience. Their article on building a profitable online wellness business offers great tips on breaking into the lucrative health and wellness industry. They recommend finding a solid niche to appeal to a specific target market, like selling supplements for a particular health concern. Maintaining consistency, catering to your audience, crafting a good brand strategy, and getting funding are other things you should do to boost your chances of success in the competitive wellness industry.

Shoppable Content on Social Media

Sponsored Instagram posts took digital marketing by storm last year, with many Instagram users purchasing products due to sponsored content. This year, many experts predict that more social media platforms will become channels for e-commerce sales, with easier integrations that allow potential clients to complete purchases without exiting social media apps. Therefore, modern digital marketers need to improve their social media strategies to exploit these online platforms’ increasing business opportunities.

Digital marketing keeps evolving due to technological advancements and the current pandemic. The above-listed points are some new digital marketing trends business owners should expect to see more of this year.