Common Signs of Major AC Issues

On hot summer days, you are desperate for any relief from the heat. You want to come inside your…
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On hot summer days, you are desperate for any relief from the heat. You want to come inside your home and be met with cool air conditioning and a reasonable thermostat. Dealing with warm air inside is not ideal, especially when the sun is beating down and you’re really hot outside. For these reasons and more, your air conditioner will be your best friend. But even your best way to fight the heat can have problems and experience breakdowns.

It is fairly common for your AC unit to breakdown or needs repairs. It is key that you stay on top of things and monitor issues before they become full-blown catastrophes. Be aware of the signs that may mean you need a full HVAC repair or replacement. Here are just a few of those issues that may come up that will require you as a homeowner to step up and take action.

Hot Air

One of the most obvious signs that something may be going wrong is when your air conditioner is blowing warm or hot air rather than cold. This can be happening for any number of reasons. There could be a leak or a problem with the air filter. Another issue that may seem counterintuitive is when your air conditioner keeps freezing up.

When your AC is working overtime, it can actually freeze the pipes or coils which prevents cool air from passing through. Many homeowners aren’t prepared to deal with that exact issue, so it may be time to call in a technician with years of experience to help the evaporate coil and get your AC unit back in working condition. Be checking for these issues on a regular basis so you’re prepared for any problems that may arise.

Bad Airflow

When your AC unit is working properly, you feel cold air throughout your home with a regular airflow. A sign there may be a further issue would be when your airflow is not regular. If you’re noticing there isn’t enough air or the scale is unbalanced, it’s time for a service provider to look into the issue. This could mean there is a clog or a problem with the filter. While you may think you can handle the issue alone, you need to know when to outsource and when to expand in house teams. When it comes to airflow and AC at home or at the office, you’ll want a dedicated team full of professionals in that area.

Weird Noises

Ideally, your air conditioner should do its job without disturbing your daily life. But if you start to notice weird noises or issues, it may be time to consult professionals. This may be a sign your AC system is breaking down or has debris stuck in the ducts and coils. You want your vents to be clear and ready to function with the proper airflow and you want it to be done quietly.

High Humidity

Usually, when you’re coming inside on a hot day, it’s because you want to get away from the humidity. So if you’re noticing high water density and moisture in the air from your AC unit, that may be a sign something is wrong. There may be too much water or warm air in the compressor which can be a sign your AC is on its last leg.

Bad Smells

If you’re starting to notice bad smells throughout your home or apartment, that may be a result of issues with your AC. Because your AC systems blow cold air throughout your home, the airflow smell can be telling if there are issues. Sometimes this can mean your system is breaking down or bacteria is growing within the vents that are blowing throughout your home. Overall, this is a serious issue to have a dedicated team look into.