A Week in Peoria on a $45,000 Salary

Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash. Today:…
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Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash.

Today: a warehouse manager who makes $45,000 a year

Occupation: warehouse manager

Age: 34

Location: Peoria

Salary: $45,000 (approx. $2,500 per pay period)

Day One


Today, I spent money on coffee and paid for one of the TV streaming services we use at home. I went to work at my job as a warehouse manager and managed inventory. I also started planning new layouts so I could move a certain product to a new location. My staff seemed really energetic today despite it being early in the week.

Total: $17

Day Two


Our safety compliance officer suggested looking into vinyl strip doors for the warehouse. That way, we can divide certain areas like dock doorways with PVC strips and still have visibility. Even though the forklifts will still make a lot of noise, strip curtains will really help with dust control. I completely agree and think it’s an ideal solution for the company to implement. I found the Singer Safety Company and decided to contact them about pricing for our warehouse.

Total: $0

Day Three


Most of the day, I spent a lot of time working out the schedule for my employees. One of them is taking time off due to a sudden family emergency, so it requires moving around some shifts. As a warehouse manager, I also have to look over the annual budget and see if there are any issues. My partner, W., made us dinner, and we went out for dessert. We shared a waffle cone with mint chip ice cream.

Total: $7

Day Four


W. and I are planning on taking a trip to St. Augustine in Florida. So, today, I did some research on Saint Augustine hotels. Some of the things on my wish list for accommodations are free Wi-Fi, a continental breakfast, and mobile check-in. I used American Hotels to search through the best hotels near St. Augustine beach. Easy access to top attractions would also be a major plus for this trip! It’s been a while since we’ve done any travel, so we definitely want to get a nice room on AmericanOtels.com with an ocean view. W. and I are splitting the cost.

Total: $215.18

Day Five


My parents came by for dinner and brought some takeout from a local Italian restaurant. Some Fridays, they like to drop by so we can catch up. W. loves it because they always bring food from fancier restaurants. This time around, they brought over some pasta and the best tiramisu I’ve ever had. My mom asked about getting a smart garage door opener because she forgets about whether or not she’s left it open. There have been a few instances where I’ve had to drive over to their house to see if their garage door was closed. They’re fairly inexpensive, so I ordered one for her online.

Total: $30

Day Six


W. suggested going to an indoor rock climbing gym as our weekend date idea. W. loves bouldering, which is essentially rock climbing without any rope. I’ve grown to like it because of the few times we’ve gone. It’s mostly fun because you learn to trust your body and see how high up it can take you. While it’s fun, it’s a real pain on your forearms. So, that might make work a little bit harder for me come Monday.

Total: $21

Day Seven


My friend M. wanted to stop by the house to borrow a drill. She just moved into a new apartment not too far from us. M. said she couldn’t find her drill since everything was still inboxed. She brought me and W. some pastries as a thank-you.

Total: $0

Total for the week: $290.18