How To Decide What Pet Products To Sell

If you’re a true pet lover, then you already know that most pet lovers will do everything possible to…
a dog with a leash

If you’re a true pet lover, then you already know that most pet lovers will do everything possible to make sure their dogs, cats, and other animals are happy, safe, and well-fed. 2020 saw an upheaval in most things to do with sales, but the pet market stayed amazingly the same. From dog harnesses or pet beds for small dogs to leashes, straps, and flea medicine for larger dogs, pet owners still had to take care of their pets.

If you’ve been considering opening your own pet store, you’ve probably been wondering how to decide which pet products to sell and which ones would be the best for not only the animals involved but for your bottom line as well. There’s a lot you can do to find out which dog harness to stock, starting with the survey templates on SurveyMonkey. In this article, you’ll find a little bit about how to get started.

Always carry pet safety items.


The things you carry in your shop should be tailor-made for pet comfort. These items should include anything to do with the safety of pets, such as harnesses with a safety leash attachment point. Pet owners are more likely to visit shops where they can pick up flea collars, deworming medicine, and even leashes and harnesses to keep their small dogs safe when they take them to the dog park or on a walk around the neighborhood after dinner in the evenings. You want to carry the best no pull dog harness that money can buy and deliver savings to your customers. Make sure that you purchase different size harnesses, leashes, straps, and other accessories to fit whatever breed of pooch pet owners might have.

Remember, any harness, leash, or strap you carry should provide a perfect fit for smaller dogs and larger dogs equally comfortably, minimizing discomfort across the dog’s chest and creating absolutely no strain on the trachea. You should also carry dog pulls, pull harnesses, and anything else that can keep a puppy safe when on walks with their pet owner.

Conduct a survey.


One of the best ways to determine what type of pet products you should carry in your store is to ask your current customers. The best way to set up a survey tool and find out what question types are best is to go through SurveyMonkey alternatives or through SurveyMonkey themselves. This is an e-commerce site that lets customers set up, create, and fulfill surveys of all kinds. You can even get a free trial or try the free version first. You can add templates or unlimited questions about which harnesses, leashes, straps, and pull dog harnesses are best for pups according to their owners.

A great option for seeing what pet owners want out of the products in your pet store is to get their input by conducting surveys that you direct them to on SurveyMonkey.

Think about selling homemade pet treats.


You already know, since you’re a pet owner yourself, that homemade dog foods and homemade pet treats are better for animals. Just as you want to carry leashes, harnesses, front-clip harnesses, and any item that will keep a pup safe, you also want to carry food and treats that will keep them healthy as well. Selling homemade pet treats in your shop will not only help the pups, but it’ll also let the pet parents know that you have only their pet’s best interest at heart, this will lead to more business and more sales for you.

Attend pet shows and events.

Pet product trade shows and events are the perfect places to find out what type of pet products you should carry in your shop. You’ve already done your market research and created your online survey for customers to fill out on SurveyMonkey and SurveyMonkey alternative. These shows and events are the perfect places to pick up tips and tricks on what pet products you should carry and when.

For example, you know that you should always carry leashes, straps, harnesses, and anything to do with helping protect a dog’s skin and health, but other pet products could just be a trend. These pet product shows are the way to find out what’s in, and what isn’t.

These are just a few ways to decide what products to carry in your pet store. From leashes, straps, a harness, and even a leash attachment point guide to help pet parents with attachments and fitting the no-pull dog harness over their dog’s back, dog’s throat, and dog’s chest for safety’s sake to attending pet show to get the best products to carry, these tips will help you get set up in your pet shop in no time at all.