What Are the Most Common Household Problems?

It’s one thing to own a house, and it’s another to manage and maintain it. No matter how careful…
a brick wall with a hole in it

It’s one thing to own a house, and it’s another to manage and maintain it. No matter how careful you are, it’s normal to have both significant and minor household maintenance problems from time to time. From clogged drains to a faulty plumbing system, every home has its fair share.

To maintain sanity and safety in your home, you could set up preventive measures to avoid gas leakage, naked wires or be observant in identifying problems and finding immediate solutions. On that note, here are some common household problems to look out for.

1. Writings on the Wall


This is a common problem in households with toddlers. As kids to have very active imaginations, they often express themselves by drawing on walls. And so, if parenthood is part of your plans, then this is one of the things to consider before starting a family.

You’ll certainly be in more trouble if you have children that are artistic by nature. So, be sure to purchase crayons and paint that easy to wash off.

2. Clogged Drains

A clogged drain is an unpleasant household problem. Imagine having a shower, and suddenly the water stops going down the drain. Or, you’re washing dishes, and there’s a clog in the sink. Very upsetting, right? Fret not, as there are several ways to solve such a problem depending on how bad it is. You can use a plunger, a chemical drain cleaner, boiling water, or other simple DIY procedures. Clogged drains are a hassle, no doubt. However, it’s best to let the professional deal with it. Further tampering could aggravate the problem if it’s beyond a simple home hack.

3. Countertop or Tabletop Stains

This is another unavoidable household problem, especially for children. Most of the time, your tables and counters appear clean until you view them from a different angle with more illumination. That’s where you may notice water, food, grease or oil stains, etc. Even with the best cleaning products, there’s always a chance you may miss a few spots.

Worse yet, the said products can leave marks behind after cleaning. To address this, you could use either plain water with baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. Maintain your countertops and guarantee an always fresh looking kitchen or dining table in your home.

4. Cracked Walls


The walls of your home are part of the critical elements that hold your family together. The moment you see cracks, be it major or minor, you should be concerned. While minor cracks may seem like nothing, they grow into more significant, more dangerous problems—if left unattended. Damages can occur either on the inside or outside walls of your home and are caused by several reasons, including lousy plastering work, consistent door slams, or earth tremors.

If you identify more than one crack on a particular wall in your home or several cracks on different partitions (be it long or wide in nature), you should definitely be concerned. No matter the size, try to call a professional who’ll conduct a proper assessment.

5. Leaking or Faulty Gutters

There are some household problems you can’t quickly identify unless intentionally checked. One of such issues is defective gutters. Rarely do we climb onto our rooftops to inspect the condition. Likewise, channels often go unchecked. Gutters are significant in diverting rainwater from the walls and roof into the drainage on the ground level.

Your gutters may leak if one too many strong winds or storms have bruised them. Also, if leaves are blocking the free flow of water, your channel might not function well. If you’re inexperienced on that front, you can always seek professional assistance to get your gutters working again.