What Specifications Should I Look For in an Industrial Panel PC?

An industrial computer is typically used in extreme production environments. This device offers durability and high performance that’s built…
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An industrial computer is typically used in extreme production environments. This device offers durability and high performance that’s built to withstand an industrial setting. Industry environments involve the production of specific goods and services. That’s why industrial computers are more than just your average desktop. These devices operate at high capacities and are ideal for any workstation to control specific processes. A warehouse floor requires technology with environmental sealing, heavier construction, and additional cooling to ensure that it’s robust enough to operate in a hazardous environment.

Now that you’ve got a grasp on what an industrial computer is for, an industrial panel PC is an industrial computer with a touchscreen panel. Panel PCs are a compact, rugged solution for industrial computers. The capacitive touchscreen allows for an easy user interface to control all types of operations. It’s an economical LCD display for industrial applications like inventory management, in-vehicle use, point of use, kiosk control, and more. If you’re in the market for an industrial panel PC, here are some specifications you should evaluate.

Choose the right operating system for your industrial computer.


There are several different operating systems that can be used for a wide range of applications. The most common operating systems for industrial touchscreen PCs are Windows and Linux. Other operating systems include OS, as well as Android. If you’re in the market for an industrial panel PC, then you’ll want to make sure that the panel is compatible with the operating system and application you’re trying to use. This is one of the most basic specifications when choosing a panel PC to ensure you can use it in the industry environment.

Find a screen size that’s best for your application.

Choosing a screen size is essential when you consider workplace efficiency. The manufacturing environment is fast-paced and constantly moving. When you use an industrial display with a touchscreen, it makes functions and processes easy to access. Panel computers can be used to show only the functions that are relevant to production. One can simply configure the system to consolidate functions and increase overall efficiency in the workplace. It’s a lot easier than using a typical consumer-grade product that requires hovering and clicking. That’s why businesses should choose a screen size based on the necessary functions. For example, a smaller LCD panel can be used in vehicles while a larger one can be used for a food and beverage manufacturing facility. There are seven-inch, 10-inch, and even 32-inch panels available from Teguar.

Determine the right CPU for your needs.


A CPU refers to the computer’s central processing unit and allows your device to perform complex tasks. It is considered the brain of a computer because it saves information and essentially directs functions to other components. It’s responsible for receiving data and translating it into instructions. ANd it can store programs to follow through on a function. In industry environments, high-performance processors are necessary to carry out complex tasks related to the applications used. Panel PCs are usually integrated into heavy machinery, walls, control panels, and other equipment. So, the technology needs to be able to support these functions.

Make sure the panel PC can withstand harsh environments.

What truly makes an industrial panel PC is its ability to withstand extreme work environments for the long term. Not only should industrial panel PCs support your applications through a high-functioning processing system, but they should be able to operate within a manufacturing facility without issues. It should have a waterproof casing that’s immune to sprays, liquids, humidity. And it should be able to withstand vibration, shock, or any other heavy use. The panel should also be dust-proof, quiet, and reliable.

These are abundant specifications for industrial panel PCs. The features listed above are just some of the specifications your business should consider before investing in touch panel PCs.