What If My Was Windshield Cracked in an Accident?

When most people think of the safety features of a car, they may automatically think of the seatbelt or…
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When most people think of the safety features of a car, they may automatically think of the seatbelt or the airbag. Another essential safety feature of a car, however, is the windshield. As the name suggests, windshields are made to shield the driver, passengers, and the interior of vehicles. Windshields protect individuals inside the car from the environment, rain and wind, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun, among other things.

There are many ways windshields can be damaged. Flying pebbles, rocks, and debris from the road may crack the glass, no matter how durable and robust it is. In severe, stormy weather, tree branches may fall onto windshields. Motor vehicle accidents, typically caused by extreme environmental conditions or distracted drivers, can result in cracked and damaged windshields.

Following an incident on the road, an individual should prioritize taking care of themselves as well as protecting their vehicle.

When an automobile accident occurs, especially one in which someone sustains mild or severe injuries, drivers should contact trustworthy legal professionals. All parties involved should seek an attorney, whether or not they were at fault. After an accident, drivers should photograph any injuries, get medical attention as soon as possible, make a note of their medical expenses, and observe any subsequent changes in mobility or ability to do things due to incurred injuries.

Drivers in California who get in an accident can consult the Law Offices of Daniel Kim to receive relevant, objective advice tailored to the specific circumstances of their incident. Attorneys who specialize in personal injury have seen all kinds of motor vehicle accidents and know that each client differs in their economic and medical needs following an accident. They work on behalf of their clients to get them compensation for medical care expenses and damages to and total losses of vehicles.

Just as a driver should take photos of any injuries they sustain, they should also photograph any damage done to their vehicles following an accident. Automobile crashes may cause cracked windshields, broken windows, and in extreme cases, the destruction of a car.

If the windshield cracks in an automobile accident, it needs repairing as soon as possible. The longer a windshield goes without examining and fixing by professional glass repairers, the more likely its’ condition is to worsen. To have damaged windshields repaired, drivers should go to a windshield repair and replacement service, like Orange Blossom Auto Glass. Orange Blossom Auto Glass repairs front windshields, rear windshields, and side windows.

Drivers should know when a windshield should be repaired or completely replaced. Windshield restoration is possible if the cracks or chips are not too severe, do not obstruct a driver’s visibility, and have not spread across the windshield. If the crack is too large and blocks a driver’s view, a full windshield replacement is in order. Getting a professional to repair the windshield is the best option, rather than trying to do it yourself. Professionals know how to remove and input the glass correctly. Proper removal and placement of the glass are crucial to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. Windshield repairs done by a professional can last years.

Drivers should inform their auto insurance company about a cracked windshield, as well as any other damages to a vehicle, incurred in a motor vehicle accident. Drivers need to make sure their auto insurance covers broken windshield repairs and other vehicular maintenance.

While trustworthy lawyers handle the legal aspects of the situation, clients can focus on taking care of themselves and taking care of their cars and newly replaced windshield.