Tips for Guys Reentering the Dating Market

When a long relationship comes to an end, it can be a dramatic blow to both your social life…
a man and woman kissing

When a long relationship comes to an end, it can be a dramatic blow to both your social life and your confidence. It’s important to get back on the horse and put yourself back out there, but that’s easier said than done. Did you see what a bad breakup did to Robin Thicke? It made him chop off his iconic pompadour!

If you find yourself single for the first time in years, then you may have noticed some drastic changes in how people date nowadays. The times have changed, and the scene has changed, but you still need to give it a shot if you ever want to find love—or even just fun—again. Continue reading for tips on how to reenter the dating market.

Get back into dating shape.

One of the side effects of being in a relationship for a long time is that you tend to care a little less about your physical fitness. Once you’re in a relationship, you kind of lose the incentive to look attractive to other women. If your ex was a culinary goddess, then maintaining your physique was even more difficult. As long as the lady in your life accepts you for who you are, then all is well. But what happens now that those days are gone?

If you haven’t hit the gym in a while, then it’s time to get reacquainted with it. Not only is exercising good for your social prospects, but it’s also going to make you healthier and happier overall. The most important thing is that you’ll love the way you look.

Blossom into a social butterfly, even if it’s just online.

Part of getting back on the dating saddle is regaining confidence in your ability to communicate with a romantic interest. A great way to overcome this is just by being more sociable with women.

You don’t have to overtly flirt with every woman who crosses your path, but you do need to get comfortable at least saying “Hello.” You can get to “You look nice” later on—for now, just focus on initiating conversation.

While you’re working on building your confidence speaking to women, be careful not to fall into the friend zone with a woman you really like. You may want to try a sex videochat just so you can get comfortable expressing interest and sexual desire.

When you go to a sex chat, don’t limit your expectations to explicit material. Also, be respectful of the women in the chat rooms—they’re humans, first and foremost.

Women who offer sex chats are used to talking to clients who are struggling with self-esteem issues, making them very good listeners. If you take the opportunity seriously, the chats can help you regain the swagger you had when you were the new kid on the dating scene.

Go get that first date.

When you feel confident enough to approach women about going on dates, remember to be self-assured and tasteful. If you see a woman you’re interested in, then be natural in your approach. When you initiate conversation, start with something other than your interest in her.

If you’re outside and it’s a nice day out, then start with something simple about the weather—even if it’s a little cliche. If you’re shopping and see a woman who catches your eye, then try asking for her opinion on a product and build a conversation from there.

When you speak to a woman about something trivial or ask for a suggestion on a product, it dampens any creepy vibes you may be giving off. Men are often unaware of the intense energy they give off when they approach a woman, and they’re too forward about their intentions. Be assertive but respectful, and your date calendar will be full in no time.