Should I Buy a UTE or a Truck?

Do you think of UTEs as primarily Australian and pickup trucks as a vehicle more suited to an American…
a red truck with a large load of hay on the back

Do you think of UTEs as primarily Australian and pickup trucks as a vehicle more suited to an American cowboy? If so you might be allowing these images to impact how you decide which vehicle to buy. Today, of course, the many models of pickup trucks and UTEs to choose from make the question more involved. There are many parameters consider when deciding which vehicle better suits your needs. If you are looking to buy either a UTE or a pickup truck, here are some things to keep in mind when comparing the two options.


Interior Space


Pickups usually have more interior space. If you are the kind of person whose vehicle often looks like a storage unit, with sports equipment, books and work-related materials scattered about, you might want to consider a pickup. It will give you more room to put things that you would rather not toss in the bed of the truck.


The UTE was originally designed by chopping off the end of a car’s roof and welding a cargo bed to the back. It was meant to allow farmers to carry a passenger, some tools, sacks of feed and other farm-life necessities. The modern-day version of this motor vehicle comes in some rather more sporty looks, but there is still not much room in the cabin to toss your gym bag or golf clubs.




UTE beds differ greatly in size, as do those of pickup trucks. While a pickup is designed to carry heavier loads, a UTE offers a middle-ground alternative between a truck and a car. If you have six bags of groceries and need to pick up an old trunk from a relative’s house, a UTE is the perfect vehicle for you. If you need to transport some lumber or heavy equipment down a dirt road, the pickup should be your vehicle of choice. The chassis of your average pickup is going to be much stronger than that of a UTE and it will naturally be able to transport wider loads.

While the overall design of the two vehicles may not vary much, most UTEs are designed with a single principle in mind: two seats and a small cargo bed in the back. These automobiles are simply not going to give you what Isuzu Australia offers: a large selection of light trucks, each with much more carrier space than your standard pick-up or UTE. Size does matter when taking into consideration the role this vehicle will play in your day-to-day. Do you anticipate having frequent big loads or moving a household of furniture? Then you should head to Isuzu Australia for a bigger truck with more capacity.





When considering how much you want to spend, you really have to take into account how much you want your truck to do for you. Toyota’s HiLux, a top-selling UTE in Australia, costs more than $60,000. According to WorkTruck, a full-size pickup goes for about $51,000, while an SUV crossover costs a little more than $63,500. Across the board, the prices fall somewhere in the range of $51,000 to $60,000.


Remember, though, that all of these have different features. You might be willing to pay a bit more to get more carriage space or a stronger chassis. If you’re looking to get more truck bang for your buck, Isuzu Australia is, once again, the place to go. For instance, they are able to provide you with Australia’s best-selling medium duty truck, the Isuzu F Series at an affordable price.


UTES do have a passionate following, which is why many of the vehicles seen on the road today have been customized. Doing so can push the price up by thousands of dollars. If you are debating between a UTE and a pickup truck, you obviously want more than passenger cars can offer. The question to ask yourself is how much more you’re willing to spend.