Love Swimming? Check Out These Cool Pools

Swimming in a pool rather than the beach has its perks. If you have one in your backyard, you…
a person lying on a pool

Swimming in a pool rather than the beach has its perks. If you have one in your backyard, you won’t have to travel anywhere for a quick dip. You can control the temperature of the water to make it comfortable enough to swim year-round. Or, you can enjoy swimming pools in different cities around the world. Sometimes, it’s not about the destination of your travel but about what you get to do and how you feel when you’re there. And for people who love to lounge around on a chaise or swim across an Olympic-sized pool, there are a few great destinations to check out. Here are some of the best places to swim around the world.

Sanchaya Luxury Hotel in Indonesia

This hotel is a colonial-style resort on a private beachfront estate. It has 29 bungalows and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. What makes this one of the coolest hotel pools is that it’s perfect for those who want the luxury of both a pool and access to the open sea. The resort is on Bintan Island, which isn’t as well known as Bali. But that’s what makes it the perfect spot for a secluded escapade! Freight Hopper boasts a ton of these destinations that are worth seeing. It’s a great resource for travel destinations with gorgeous pools or five-star hotels. At Sanchaya, you can take a dip with serene surroundings or enjoy a tropical cocktail under the sun. Take the entire day to enjoy panoramic views of the ocean under palm trees while sitting on a chaise lounge. It’s the best way for swimmers to relax or feel reinvigorated.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore


The Marina Bay Sands boasts the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool. You get to swim alongside great views of the city. It’s 57 stories high and 150 meters long. The infinity-edge pool is a great way to see Singapore’s skyline while also enjoying a nice swim on a warm day. Singapore is known for being an expensive city, so it only makes sense that the Marina Bay Sands is known for an opulent poolside view spanning the entire roof of the building.

While you may not have the opportunity to build one on your rooftop, you can still have an infinity pool of your own through Forney pool builders. Hopkins Custom Pools is a pool builder that does everything from pool building and pool remodeling to routine maintenance. You can have your own taste of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore right in the heart of the Forney, TX, area by updating your backyard.

Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia

If you value your privacy as a swimmer, then you may want to pick an open-air suite in St. Lucia. Each one has its own infinity pool, which means you won’t have to share it with anyone else. You get a view of the mountains and the ocean because the property has 600 acres worth of coastline. The Caribbean is an unforgettable destination. Expect to find picture-perfect views and stunning beaches. And with your own private pool to enjoy, you’re sure to have a great time.

Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives


This luxury resort has an infinity pool that’s situated right on the beach. Some of the bungalows also have their own private pools. You’ll find that it has a stylish and intelligent design. There’s a saltwater flotation pool adjacent to the main pool, and they have subaquatic treatment rooms for the ultimate spa experience. Choose to swim in the main pool or your own private glass-bottom bungalow.

With so many cool swimming pools all over the world, you probably want to make reservations or get your own pool for your backyard. These are just a few of the best pools all around the world to inspire you to take a quick dip and enjoy a refreshing swim!