Health & Wellness Business Ideas for 2019

If you’re thinking of starting your own business, perhaps you’ve considered tapping into the health and wellness industry. The…
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If you’re thinking of starting your own business, perhaps you’ve considered tapping into the health and wellness industry. The global wellness economy is currently worth over $4.2 trillion. If it continues to grow, it is a great idea to try to get in on that revenue. Not to mention, promoting health and wellness is an ethical way to make money.

There are many different sectors in the health and wellness industry, including exercise and fitness, weight loss, mind-body health, personal beauty, spas, and nutrition. With all these different avenues to flourish within the industry, you’ll never be at a loss for ideas.

However, if you are at a loss and you want some fresh perspectives, keep reading for the top health and wellness industry ideas for 2019.

Tap into the supplement market

Supplements are extremely popular in the United States. As of 2018, 75 percent of adults take dietary supplements regularly to get more vitamins and minerals into their diet. That’s a very large audience that already exists for supplements, so there’s a high rate of success in the industry.

And the audience is varied in demographics. For instance, the customer who uses a collagen hair treatment supplement for aesthetic purposes and ingesting protein powder before high-intensity workouts may not be the same as the customer who takes fish oil to lower their blood pressure. In order to tap into that supplement market, you want to make sure your business practices are sharp.

Make sure you collaborate with a reputable manufacturer to ensure your private label supplements are of the highest quality they can be. Having a proven, high-quality product is a great way to set yourself apart in the supplement business.

Go au naturel with your products

Natural products, especially ones like essential oils with multiple uses and benefits, have blown up in the health and wellness industry. Integrating the sale of fine essential oils into your business can be a great way to keep up with the trends and appeal to wider audiences.

This is because oils, like pure rose oil for instance, have benefits both when applied topically to skin and hair and when ingested through other means. As a result, they can be marketed in different ways. Cosmetically, oils like rose, rosehip, and tea tree have been proven to fight acne and aging. Lavender oil has been used to reduce stress and aid in sleep.

Getting into the essential oil market can be a great way to open your business up to new audiences and keep up with the health and wellness trends.

Utilize tech to promote fitness

One last idea to kickstart or revitalize your business in the health and wellness field is to consider utilizing tech to promote fitness activities. The combination of personalized fitness and exercise with technology and smartphone applications is a proven method for engagement, with things like MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and even the Apple Health app.

However, you can capitalize on the lucrative personal trainer industry and address the issue of people not knowing the best ways to work out by introducing a virtual personal training application. This could be a successful way to promote fitness as it allows people the flexibility and privacy of having a personal trainer on their phone rather than in the physical world.

Whatever direction you take, there’s never been a better time to jump into the health and wellness industry.