Jewelry Gift-Giving Hacks for Any Shopper

In many situations, jewelry offers a gift idea that will wow your recipient. From earrings to bracelets and every…
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In many situations, jewelry offers a gift idea that will wow your recipient. From earrings to bracelets and every style in between, there’s no limit to the jewels you can offer a loved one. Celebrating a special occasion or simply bringing a smile to their face, the right pair of hoops or gemstone pendant is a gift idea with which you can’t go wrong. And, with a little extra effort, you can ensure your gift is an extra-special one.

Pay attention to their existing accessories.


If you don’t know your gift’s recipient very well or you just aren’t one to recognize their go-to sterling silver studs, taking time to notice the pieces they wear normally can help you pick the perfect accessory to gift. Do they have their ears pierced? If not, a new pair of stud earrings probably isn’t a great gift. If they have multiple ear piercings, consider how a set of hoop earrings versus studs will work with their style.

At its simplest, noticing their current jewelry can give you an idea of the kinds of pieces they like best. If they stick to simple stud earrings, they might not love a bold statement earring. Do they always have an armful of bangle bracelets? Look closely and find something that will complement their favorites.

When in doubt, opt for new arrivals.


As you shop for the perfect jewel, it can be tempting to browse the best sellers. After all, they’re on that list for a reason—people clearly like them. But the best sellers run a particular risk, especially if you don’t know your recipient’s existing jewelry well. They may have the piece already! Avoid having them open the same pair of studs that’s currently in their ear by sticking to new arrivals, which they likely won’t have gotten already.

Be aware of any allergies.


You might turn to jewelry as an alternative to gifts like food, which can be inedible if your recipient has an allergy. You might not think of it, but the bracelet, earrings, or other pieces you choose can present that same issue. Nickel and other metals can cause an allergic reaction or allergic contact dermatitis. You don’t want to leave your loved one with a red, painful ear because they put on the nickel hoops you gave them—stick to nickel-free, allergy-friendly options to avoid the risk.

Add a personal touch.


There are two simple ways you can add a personal touch to your gift of jewelry. On the one hand, you can have a piece engraved with their name or another special note, like your wedding date or a reference to an inside joke. Need wait-free shipping with no time to get a piece personalized? Pick a gemstone that you know is their favorite, or choose their birth stone as the main jewel. On the other hand, you could add a personal touch by putting in a little extra thought. Does this person love to wear denim jackets with vivid silver accents? Pick out something in sterling silver for their ear, neck, or wrist, and be sure to mention why you picked that piece. They’re sure to be pleased that you put in that effort.

If you’re offering jewelry as a present, taking the time to really think through that gift will make it all the more impactful. With the proper effort, there’s no doubt they’ll love the jewels you choose for them—and every time they catch sight of the sparkle at their ear or the gemstone at their neck, they’ll think of you. You might even get a jewel of your own when the next gift-giving occasion arises.