How to Prepare a Rental Property for a New Tenant

Rental properties include short-term and long-term rentals. Short-term rentals, such as Airbnb’s, allow guests to rent your property for…
a room with a bed and a desk

Rental properties include short-term and long-term rentals. Short-term rentals, such as Airbnb’s, allow guests to rent your property for a fixed period. While a guest staying in an Airbnb for a week isn’t considered a tenant, most states assign tenant rights to anyone occupying a vacation property for 30 days or more.

Long-term rentals include apartments, condos, townhouses, duplexes, and detached homes rented to tenants who use the property as their residence. State laws govern agreements between landlords and tenants, and rental contracts outline expectations for both landlords and tenants. As part of a standard agreement, landlords must ensure properties are ready for new tenants. Let’s look at some tasks landlords must complete to prepare a property for new occupants.

Landlords should ensure major systems work correctly.


Your building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system change the indoor air temperature. The heater warms air during cool months while the air conditioner cools the air during the summer. Your ventilation system draws air from outside, filters it, and replaces indoor air with clean air, ensuring the air inside stays fresh.

Issues with your HVAC system can prompt complaints from occupants. It’s unsafe for the tenants and property owner if your heater stops working during cold months because your water pipes can freeze and break, causing structural damage. It can also be deadly for your heater or air conditioner to stop working when needed. Call your HVAC company when your ductless AC suddenly stops cooling your home. Your HVAC company will send certified HVAC technicians to evaluate your system and determine what’s causing the problem. HVAC technicians can replace worn parts, remove mold from the drain pan, and clean the condenser coils.

You should have a maintenance contract with your HVAC company, ensuring they send technicians to inspect your system twice a year. During spring maintenance, the technicians focus on your air conditioner. Technicians prioritize the heating system during fall maintenance. HVAC systems break down less frequently when technicians replace air filters and damaged parts and clean your HVAC system regularly.

Landlords may need to replace fixtures and make structural repairs.


Sometimes, you may need to replace fixtures before new tenants occupy your property. When it’s time for a new tub, turn to plumbers who do bathtub replacement in San Diego. Bathtub installation experts offer free estimates and design consultations, ensuring property owners get a new bathtub they can afford. You must replace your current bathtub if it has chips, cracks, or holes because it can leak, causing water damage to your walls or subfloor. Upgrading your bathtub is also an effective way to update your property and impress new tenants.

Check for signs of water damage after the former tenants vacate the property. Common signs of water damage include water stains, dripping fixtures, standing water, and mold or mildew. Call a licensed plumber and have them check your sewer line and water pipes for leaks or signs of damage to ensure your plumbing system works correctly.

Landlords should paint and clean the property.

It’s common for landlords to have buildings painted before new tenants take possession. Sunlight causes paint to fade, leaving visible marks on walls from furniture or art that blocked the sunlight in some places, making the paint colors uneven. Repainting the walls is a cost-effective way of giving the entire property a facelift.

Invest in deep cleaning. Have cleaners wipe down walls and air out rooms. Replace or shampoo the carpets. You should make sure the refrigerator’s empty and all appliances should be cleaned, ensuring they’re ready for use. Also, wash the counters and wipe down cabinet shelves in the kitchen and bathroom.

Preparing a rental property involves multiple steps. Complete essential repairs and invest in new fixtures. You should also ensure the property’s cleaned thoroughly.