How to Rodent-Proof Apartment Communities for Winter

When it comes to effective property management fresno, property managers know a lot is involved. From making sure the…
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When it comes to effective property management fresno, property managers know a lot is involved. From making sure the plumbing works to making sure the pipes are wrapped for the winter, a lot goes into being a property manager. When the winter rears its head, the tenants in your apartment community expect to be warm, dry, and able to sit by the fire with a book and their mugs of steaming coffee in peace. 

What they don’t expect, and shouldn’t have to put up with, is any type of rodents sharing the apartment with them. As the temperatures start to plummet and most people’s minds are on staying warm and starting to plan for the holidays, the local rodent’s minds are on finding a place to stay warm and ride out the winter. An apartment community is the perfect place for that. Here are a few concrete tips on how to rodent-proof your apartment community for the winter ahead. 

What are the dangers?

The first thing you need to know is that though those mice may look cute and cuddly, they are indeed a danger to not only the residents of your apartment complex, but the apartment building itself. Rodents carry diseases and bacteria, and they also chew on whatever they can get their little teeth on, including the wiring in the walls of the apartments. 

Do a sweep 

The first thing you want to do is a sweep of the apartment community to see if you have any signs of rodents in the building. Many companies perform effective rat removal in Los Angeles, and will be happy to remove any rodents you find for you. The one thing you don’t want to do is corner these rodents yourself, because it can end up a disaster if you are bitten or clawed. Instead, call the professionals and let them handle it for you. 

Seal any holes or cracks you find

To get into your resident’s apartments, rodents must first be able to get into the building itself. Doing routine maintenance on your building should help with that. Make sure to seal any gaps, holes, or cracks that a rodent can slip through. Once you have rodents in the walls of the apartment building, it’s going to be hard to exterminate and remove them, so preventive measures are key. 

Keep your community clean and tidy

While a building that is rodent-proof is certainly a great first line of defense, you need to go a few steps further to keep them at bay this winter. Rodents like to live under woodpiles, sheds, and anywhere on an unkempt property. Keeping the grounds of the community neat and clean will go a long way towards preventing the rodents from invading this winter. If they have nowhere to hide, they are more apt to move into the apartment building down the street instead of yours. As previously stated, prevention is key in this case. 

Educate your residents 

While you can keep the grounds clean and seal up holes and gaps, you’re going to need the help of the residents of your community to keep their individual apartments from attracting rodents this winter. There are many things residents can do within their homes to prevent rodents from invading, including keeping their apartment clean, tidy, and leaving no food out to attract the animals. 

These are just a few of the top ways you can rodent-proof your apartment community before the winter sets in. In this way, you and your residents will have a cozy winter and a happy holiday as well.