3 Ways to Keep Your Household Running Smoothly for the Summer

The mercury’s going up, and summertime is here. As you look to potentially getaway this year and take some…
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The mercury’s going up, and summertime is here. As you look to potentially getaway this year and take some time away from work, you’re also going to have those moments at home where you just want to lounge. Despite taking the time to relax, it’s hard to keep calm and keep the household running. Here are some tips to help you chill out without having to worry about what’s happening in your home.

1. Make sure your air conditioning is up to par.


It’s important before you turn on the AC that the filters are cleaned out or replaced to make sure it is functioning at its peak during the time of year when you need it the most. A clean and well-maintained HVAC system is the key to the lifespan of the HVAC unit, allowing equipment to operate at its peak without expending too much energy and burning out elements of the system. Dust and other allergens can build up in the unit over time, so it’s important to replace and clean filters at least monthly.

Ductwork maintenance is also important. Cracks and leaks in the ducts can lead to that cold air escaping, sending energy costs soaring, and leaving you and your loved ones sweating on a hot day. It’s best to set up a seasonal check with an HVAC technician to make sure that the air ducts are ready to handle what summer brings your way. They can also impact your system as a whole to make sure all components of the HVAC unit are working in harmony to keep you cool.

2. Keep hot air from leaking in.


Hot air will make its way into your home. It’s a matter of fact. However, there’s plenty that you can do to keep cool despite the overwhelming heat and humidity pouring in. Window coverings will help to keep natural sunlight from coming in during the middle of the day when temperatures reach their peak in the summer. Homeowners can invest in thermal curtains that are designed to soak up the heat and are considered by some as the best way to keep cool air cool.

Warm air can slip in through even the smallest cracks. Some experts actually recommended bringing in your local utility company for an energy audit. This will let you know what is sending your energy costs running higher, and some outlets actually offer up rebates for taking the time to figure out how to waste less energy. It’s important to also have the proper insulation in place to make sure your HVAC system or air conditioner isn’t operating more than it has to.

3. Invest in Energy Star appliances.


If you want to keep your energy bills low in the long run, you may want to consider investing in Energy Star appliances to save you money beyond the summer months. Approved by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, this stamp lets you know that your appliances aren’t expending as much energy as your previous appliances. There’s easier access than ever to these items to make sure you’re saving money as a homeowner.

With less money being spent, you’ll have time to relax and enjoy the summer, whether you’re going to the beach or grilling in the backyard. Chill out and have a sip of water. In fact, you may want to look up “water delivery service near me” to save you time and energy in going shopping for bottled water. Don’t feel like you have to sip on Perrier. You can have great-tasting spring water at your fingertips on a regular basis, keeping you nice and cool as you try to beat the heat.