How to Dress Like an Investment Professional

“Dress for the job you want,” isn’t that what they say? But when you’re switching to a new career…
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“Dress for the job you want,” isn’t that what they say? But when you’re switching to a new career or trying to level up within your current one, it can be hard to know how to dress properly.

To invest in others, you must first invest in yourself. Your appearance is your first impression on others, so it’s important to make it excellent. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on all of the latest luxury clothing, skin, and hair care products. As long as you spend the appropriate time and money making your appearance as sharp as it can be, you will be ten times better off before you step foot into a meeting.

Show them who you are.


The clothing you choose to wear at work makes a statement. If you’re looking to invest money into fine art, shouldn’t you wear fashionable clothing? If you’re a real estate investor, show off your personal style to represent that you know good architecture when you see it. Even if your interests are for less artistic types of investments, it’s important to show them that you care. So dress to the nines whenever possible.

In the era of working from home, it’s no longer necessary to wear long sleeves for work. Nobody’s going to be upping the air conditioning to keep their suits sweat-free. Try this Chico’s tank top for a classy, flowy blouse to pair with your black slacks/yoga pants that you totally didn’t wear yesterday. Just be sure to wear different accessories today.

Get the best deals.


Investing is all about getting the most bang for your buck, so let them know that you can spot a good offer from a mile away before you even open your mouth. Shop for the sale items and clearance merchandise rather than full-priced items. If you’re ordering online, always meet the minimum purchase requirement to get free shipping or search for a coupon that entitles you to an additional discount or discount offer. Why pay for full-priced items when you can strike a deal and make adjustments on costs? Haggle for free accessories or even to lower the purchase requirement…

Obviously, you don’t want to go around bragging about the amazing deals you found on your merchandise…or do you? Sharing secrets with your co-workers about how you seek out the best offers not only shows your own due diligence but also your commitment to finding the best value for money. You’ll look amazing, your bank account will remain full, and you’ll have that post-retail-therapy glow.

Be an investment professional.


At the end of the day, all you have to do is be an investment professional. No need to spend time worrying about what to wear when you should be thinking about the job at hand, and the way to be the best investor is to find the best investment opportunities.

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You have to be an accredited investor to work with a site like this, which means you’ll have to do your fair share of work to get your net worth up to $1 million. Once you do, it’ll be more than worth it. Any Yieldstreet complaints are more than likely come from people on the outside than those who haven’t yet become a true investment professional, like yourself. So get dressed and get going. Opportunity awaits!