Here’s How to Get a Longer, Thicker Ponytail Instantly

As versatile as a ponytail might be, not all of us can rock this hairstyle with our natural hair,…
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As versatile as a ponytail might be, not all of us can rock this hairstyle with our natural hair, especially if we want a thick, bouncy pony. That’s because hair thickness plays a big role in how voluminous a ponytail will be. But regardless of your hair type, we have good news: anyone can achieve a long, thick, Ariana-like ponytail at home. The secret? Clip-in hair extensions for ponytails.

We know what you’re thinking. “Hair extensions look fake,” “hair extensions look nothing like real hair,” and the like, right? Well, think again. The quality of your extensions depends on where you buy them from, as well as the texture and color that best match your hair. Or, if you can pull off colorful hair extensions, go for it!

To achieve a longer, thicker ponytail, you’ll need:

  • A hair tie
  • A comb or a brush
  • Hair extensions
  • Hairspray or bobby pins
  • A curling iron or hair straightener

Start by detangling your hair

Getting rid of tangles first thing will give you a smooth base to work with. Use a comb or a brush to detangle your hair from the ends upwards, never from the roots downwards. Besides, you shouldn’t comb your hair wet. This way, you’ll avoid breakage and prevent hurting your scalp from tugging and pulling. If this step is particularly difficult, use a detangling spray for your hair type.

Next, divide your hair into three sections

At the crown of your head, part your hair and use a hair tie or hair elastic to create a small ponytail that’ll serve as a base for the bigger one. Leave two sections of hair on each side, so you can cover up the extensions and the small ponytail with your natural hair later.

Wrap the extensions around the ponytail you’ve created

Grab your extensions and place them at the base of the little ponytail using the middle clip of the extensions. After that, start wrapping the extensions around the ponytail and clip them in. While one set of clip-in extensions may suffice, some of us want even more volume. In this case, feel free to add one or two more extensions until you achieve your desired volume.

If you wish to curl or straighten your hair extensions, do so before applying them. This way, you won’t have trouble reaching the back of your head when the look is ready.

Cover the extensions with your hair

Using the two sections you left out of the ponytail, cover the extensions and blend them in with your natural hair. For a sleek look, you can smooth your hair out with a brush while you’re pulling it up. Focus on creating a ponytail as you naturally would, and tie your hair with your preferred hair elastic.

To finish off, tame those flyaways

You’re almost done! Now it’s time to make sure your ponytail looks as seamless as possible. You can get rid of pesky flyaways with some hairspray, but you don’t necessarily have to spray it directly into your scalp. Spray a little bit of it on your preferred brush, and carefully smooth them out using delicate strokes. You can also use bobby pins that are the same color of your hair to keep the baby hairs in place while still making your ponytail look natural.

Applying hair extensions takes practice, but the above tips will make it a lot easier for you. In case you want to create thick and long ponytails with your natural hair, supplements that contribute to hair growth are your best bet. In the meantime, hair extensions will be your best friends.