Why You Need to Keep Your Headlights Clean (And How to Do It)

Any car owner knows that there are a few maintenance tasks that need to be accomplished to keep a…
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Any car owner knows that there are a few maintenance tasks that need to be accomplished to keep a vehicle in working order. You get your inspection annually and have your oil changed frequently. But what about your car’s headlights? They’re more important than you might realize. Here’s why you need to keep your headlights clean and how to do it.

Working headlights keep you safe

You wouldn’t drive a forklift without making sure someone was regularly performing forklift engine maintenance, so why would you drive a car with foggy headlights? Safety should be your first priority when driving a car, and you can’t keep yourself and others safe if visibility is an issue.

When headlamps are dirty, they unable to provide the amount of light needed for you to see the road and for other drivers to see you. People are killed every night in car accidents, and visibility is a huge factor. You probably never think about the cleanliness or deterioration of your headlights, but they are an aspect of your car that you should be checking as frequently as you check your oil. When you have dirty headlight lenses, you put yourself and others in danger.

The more you care for them, the longer they’ll last

The cost of car repairs is becoming exorbitant, especially if you have an older car you love. It can be difficult to find the right parts or just simply out of your budget. It could cost over $2,000 to replace just one headlight, and depending on the value of your vehicle, that might not be worth it. Thankfully, if you perform regular maintenance on your car, the lights will last longer and work better. This will save you time and money, while also keeping you and others safe.

Cars with regular maintenance just look better

Why do people take care of their cars? Longer life and better operating are certainly reasons, but everyone also just wants a great looking vehicle. If you get a regular car wash, you should also frequently clean your headlamps. A car wash can’t always get the details of the headlamps clean and you might find yourself paying for a wax or buff every time you go through the wash. Doing the job yourself is easy and cheap, and you’ll leave your vehicle looking fantastic. Don’t let your headlamps get dirty when you keep the rest of the car clean.

Headlight restorer kits make it easy to clean them

It’s a good thing there’s a simple way to clean your vehicle’s headlights. These convenient headlight restoration kits have three easy steps: clean, dry, and protect. The entire process will take you less than two minutes and doesn’t involve any extra cleaning supplies, so you’ll always have time to make your headlamps look fantastic and work better. Start by making sure your headlights are cool before you clean them.

Instead of giving them a rubdown after a big trip, take a Saturday morning to complete some car maintenance. From the kit, you’ll first grab the cleaning wipe, which has everything you’ll need to make the headlamps spotless. Rub in a circular motion and apply a quick clear coat. Then dry the headlamp with a towel and repeat the process on the other side. Once both headlights are dry, you can open the polishing wipe, which will allow you to protect the light and reduce haziness. Apply the fine polish and let it work its magic. It really is that simple. If you clean your headlights every few weeks, they’ll last longer and you’ll stay safe.

Don’t underestimate the importance of clean and clear headlamps. Perform regular maintenance on your car and you’ll feel safer while your car looks amazing.