Common Roof Problems Business Owners Should Watch Out For

Small companies, mid-level organizations, and large corporations can benefit from having buildings that grab their customers’ attention. A business that…
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Small companies, mid-level organizations, and large corporations can benefit from having buildings that grab their customers’ attention. A business that can attract attention right away can engage customers by driving awareness, ultimately increasing sales and generating greater success. Making physical and structural changes to your building or areas around it can help distinguish it from other buildings, especially those of the competition.

One aspect of your commercial property that needs special attention is the roof. Depending on your location, the climate and weather conditions may expose your commercial roof and property to severe risks and problems. Business owners in the Denver area or elsewhere in Colorado, for instance, have to deal with hail, ice, snow, and wind damage to roofs that come with cold weather and winter storms. Listed below are common roof problems that business owners should look out for so they can call a roofer to prevent or fix.

The Presence of Pooling Water

Water pooling on commercial roofs is a common problem, often caused by a clogged or malfunctioning gutter system. These systems can incur damage when birds build nests on them or debris falls inside. The risk for water pooling is higher for commercial roofs than residential roofs because commercial buildings typically have flat roofs; water can accumulate more easily on commercial flat roofs. If water pools for a long time, the risk of severe leaks and further damage increases.

Roofs Can Erode

Extreme weather can significantly damage even the best-maintained roofs. Commercial roofs can show signs of erosion and wear upon continuous exposure to unpredictable environmental conditions. Splitting and blistering are some possible risks. Erosion can lead to a reduction in a roof’s lifespan.


Aging Roof System Materials

Another common roof problem business owners should look out for is an aging roof. As roofs age, they may become worn and sustain damages. Dated roofing materials may prevent roofs from holding up the way they once did. Regular roof inspections and check-ups are necessary because even the most durable and robust roofs won’t last forever. A roof that receives high-quality maintenance and proper care typically lasts an estimated 20 years or up to 25. If your roof’s age is precarious to you and you can’t remember the last time it received repairs, it’s probably time for professional maintenance or a full replacement.

The Roof Lacks Proper Installation

Poorly done installation is another reason a commercial roof may sustain severe damages. A roofing project by a roofing contractor that uses low-quality materials and demonstrates poor artistry can set your business up for several roofing issues and reduces the roof’s lifespan. For this reason, companies should only allow elite roofing contractors to handle roof replacement and roof repairs.

Calling an experienced roofing company noted for doing a high-quality, great job on a roofing project will allow you to avoid the risk of premature roof leaks, deterioration, and collapse.


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