What Certain Flowers Mean and How To Decide on the Right Arrangement

Who doesn’t love getting flowers? It’s a fun reminder to yourself or a loved one that you are special…
a hand holding a bouquet of flowers

Who doesn’t love getting flowers? It’s a fun reminder to yourself or a loved one that you are special and you are loved. There are so many reasons to give flowers. Maybe it’s a special occasion you are celebrating or a “just because” spontaneous special treat. Regardless of the reason, there are a few things you should know about the symbolism of each bloom.

Different flowers have different meanings. And while you may not put much stock in those differentiations, you definitely don’t want to give a bouquet that means something drastically different than what you intend. Imagine giving a Valentine’s Day bouquet to your beloved that accidentally shows symbols of friendship instead of romance. How embarrassing that could be!

Instead, do your research and know the general distinctions. This will help you avoid any uncomfortable faux pas down the line. Let’s take a look at the meaning of some of the more common flowers to help you decide which bouquet will be the best for you to give to your significant other.


Let’s start with perhaps the most romantic flower of all. When you think about Bouqs Valentine’s Day flowers, you think about red roses. This is a good choice if you’re trying to show off romance and passion. Just remember, the color of the rose does matter. Red roses symbolize romance, but pink is a more simple sign of general happiness. White represents innocence. And yellow can mean jealousy or infidelity. Also stay away from deep crimson, because that color will often indicate loss or mourning. As you’re building your perfect Valentine’s Day flowers with your florist, be sure your stems and blooms of those roses are saying exactly what you mean.


Another romantic flower used on Valentine’s Day is the carnation. These are a good way to show love as well. The colors matter and have similar meanings to the rose colors. Red symbolizes romance, pink is friendship, white is innocence, and yellow is rejection. So if you’re trying to sweep someone off their feet, maybe avoid yellow flowers in your bouquet.


Daisies are some of the cutest flowers of all. With their white petals and yellow center, it’s hard not to smile when you’re presented with a bouquet of daisies. In general, these flowers can symbolize a feeling of hope and renewal. So if you’re looking forward to a new adventure or have hope for your future, these may be the perfect way to say it.


One of the most beautiful flowers is the lily. While there are a few different forms of this flower, you’ll get a positive result no matter what you present. These symbolize beauty and sweetness. But you know that no matter what you present to them, your sweetheart is still the most beautiful one in any room.


Peonies are flowers you may see growing all around you, but they can be fun, fresh flowers to include in a bouquet as well. These usually represent happiness, light-heartedness, and innocence. If you’re looking for a more reserved, bashful flower, this may be a good option for you.

A 2021 Valentines Celebration

Valentine’s Day in the year 2021 is going to look a little different than in past years. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, you may not have as many options for going out and enjoying large gatherings. While covid-19 testing and vaccinations are becoming more readily available, it may be better to opt for a Valentine’s Day with a great bouquet of flowers in a vase to make the night romantic. Even a flower delivery service can bring you the perfect flowers right to your doorstep. Be safe and smart about how you’re celebrating this year.