Unique Ideas to Surprise Your Spouse on Your Anniversary

Every anniversary is a new milestone in a relationship, but it’s safe to say that your wedding anniversary is…
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Every anniversary is a new milestone in a relationship, but it’s safe to say that your wedding anniversary is bigger than all the others. Couples frequently use wedding anniversaries as a way to reaffirm their love for each other, and you should have something special planned for this day.

Your grand gesture doesn’t have to be something that breaks the bank, although it totally can be—but it should demonstrate your love and be tied to your relationship in some way. Maybe it calls back a big moment from your past, or it could just show that you really have been listening during the past year. The most important thing is that it fits you and that your spouse enjoys it. Here are some creative ways to surprise her on this year’s anniversary.

Plan a Great Staycation


If something extravagant isn’t in the budget this year, or if you’re one of those couples that prefers smaller gestures, there’s a simple way you can still make a perfect day. Just plan a thoughtful staycation for your spouse. If she’s a morning person, you can get up and watch the sunrise together before pampering her with breakfast in bed. If she’s more of a late riser, you can still spend plenty of the day in bed, and even take lovemaking into other rooms if you so desire. Try taking a romantic bath, cooking her favorite dinner, or doing anything else you know she enjoys. If you’re planning to spend part of the day outside the house, you can find plenty of creative staycations to pull ideas from.

Go Big on a Traditional Vacation

If staying at home or in town isn’t your thing, you can always plan a memorable vacation away. There are tons of romantic vacation ideas to choose from the classic Paris getaway to tropical islands and even nights under the desert sky. These can all be fantastic ideas but will probably require extended travel time. If you’re trying to stay in the United States, why not go for something a bit more convenient and permanent?


There’s great mountain property for sale in Ashe County, NC including mountain land and cabins. Real estate isn’t cheap, but a mountain home gives you a permanent mountain retreat that you can use for future vacations as well. Mountain areas offer total privacy, perfect for an anniversary, and mountain views are second to none. The surrounding areas are great for all kinds of activities from hiking and riding to camping and hunting. You may even have easy access to a national forest and other attractions. Mountain cabins or ranches are fantastic retreats with plenty of acreage that can be perfect for couples and families.

Revisit Precious Memories


An interesting way to spend your anniversary is on a quest to relive why you fell in love in the first place. You could return to the site of your first date and compare stories of how it went for each of you. Returning to your wedding venue can bring a rush of excitement whether this is your fifth anniversary or your fiftieth. Depending on how much you’ve moved around this could be a budget idea or an expensive one, but there’s no denying the emotional power it’ll have.

Buy Her a Diamond


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