Tips for Gas and Electrical Appliance Maintenance and Safety in Your Home

Your home is meant to be your private oasis to get away at the end of the day. However,…
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Your home is meant to be your private oasis to get away at the end of the day. However, you’ll want to be sure that you’re safe and sound between those four walls. It’s important to make sure that everything inside that home is functional and safe to use, especially when gas and power are at play. Here are some things to consider to make sure that systems throughout your house are properly maintained with the utmost care.

HVAC Systems


HVAC units can last around two decades if they maintain the proper upkeep. This starts with being aware of any strange sounds that are emanating from the HVAC system. This can be attributed to loose or rusting equipment. These noises are not to be confused with the sounds you may hear when turning an air conditioner on for the first time in months. These are clanging and obviously distracting sounds that just won’t go away when the unit is on.

You may notice strange smells from the AC in your Creola, AL, home. This is the result of a buildup of contaminants in vents and ducts that are impacting your indoor air quality. Regularly changing air filters and routine duct checks will prevent this accrual of dust and other irritants. This also prevents a breeding ground for mold to grow, causing dangerous health troubles.

Electrical Appliances


When it comes to the wiring of your home, trust a professional to look into any potential issues with everything from your air system to electrical outlets. Top electricians like Rockwall Electric can point to issues that may be impacting your home’s energy bills. It’s important to keep an eye on your electric rates, monitoring for any sudden surges in your bills that have no explanation.

Cleaning certain appliances, like your refrigerator or microwave, requires regular cleaning to make sure that condensers don’t back up, ruining the fridge’s cooling system. When the time comes to replace the appliance, consider your green energy options. The Energy Star seal alerts homeowners to the most energy-efficient air conditioners, washing machines, and other items on the market to help you save on your electric bill.

Gas Appliances


Just like upkeep for any appliance, cleaning is a priority for gas appliances. Let’s say you have a gas oven. Crud and soot from cooking can impact the pilot light, leaving the stove unusable. The first step to any repair or maintenance is turning off the gas. There are certain fixes you as a homeowner can make, but if you are smelling gas, get out of your house immediately and call 911.

If you own a gas dryer and notice that your clothes are still soaked, be sure to check your ducts for any leaks. You’ll also want to make sure that the lint traps are cleaned after each use. This avoids the further risk of causing a fire. If you notice a loud noise coming from the dryer, you’ll want to bring in a repairman to adjust the drum of the unit as it may have come off balance.



In areas of the U.S. that are heavily impacted by storms, more homeowners are investing in gas generators to get them through resulting power outages. The most important thing is keeping this outdoors, the best way to avoid the buildup of dangerous carbon monoxide within the house. Be sure to even keep some distance from your home to the generator just in case.

A heavy-duty outdoor extension cord is the safest to operate with during dryer conditions. This will help you operate until the power lines are repaired in your area. It’s important before any major weather event to stock up on fuel to allow your generator to keep operating, as you may be without power for a prolonged period of time.