Tips for Creating Graduation Cards Online

Graduation is coming up quickly! It’s a huge milestone in life that’s truly worth celebrating. This differs from graduation…

Graduation is coming up quickly! It’s a huge milestone in life that’s truly worth celebrating. This differs from graduation invites because they’re typically sent out after you’ve already walked across the stage at the ceremony. Most of the time, tickets to graduation ceremonies are limited, and a graduation party can really only include people who are accessible to you. For long-distance family members and loved ones, the best way to send your announcement is through a graduation card. That way, you can celebrate your accomplishments together. If you’re looking to create some graduation announcements, here are some tips you may want to consider.

Choose the right platform to create a personalized card.


If you’re planning on creating graduation cards online, you need to use the right platform. Mixbook has a variety of templates and designs for your graduation announcement. New grads can choose a template, customize all of the options and photos, then send them off to their family members. Because Mixbook offers plenty of customization features, you can change the colors, fonts, and even add stickers to your grad announcements. Each announcement comes with envelopes so that you can mail them out quickly and efficiently. Celebrate your big accomplishment by choosing the perfect site to create your announcement.

Try a variety of custom templates before choosing your final design.

With so many options available, you might feel overwhelmed about making a choice. You might even feel inclined to just go with the first one you like. But it’s important that you try out different templates to find one that’s unique to you. Personalize the colors and designs. Look at the different orientation styles and choose between a single photo or a photo collage. There are fun designs like the Grad Caps Announcement with tiny icons of graduation caps. But there’s also the Painted Waves Grad Announcement with smooth, wavy shapes that may be the perfect design that suits your personality. If you’re not quite into graphic art, you may want to choose something like the Full Photo Portrait Announcement. This simply incorporates a full photograph with minimal text on top. You’ll find that there are so many different styles to choose from, so you should make the most of them. Play around with a few different types and see what you like most.

Incorporate different text and sayings.


Graduation announcements are all about personalizing them for the new grad. Maybe you aren’t as keen about choosing a color scheme or any patterns but you have a love of words. This can help you narrow down your choices. Maybe you want to include a note or incorporate a funny saying that catches the receiver’s attention. Perhaps you are more sentimental and want to display a quote along with your announcement. It’s all up to what you want! It’s your time to show off. Consider checking out the Future Is Bright card from Mixbook, which incorporates an arched frame photo with the words “The future is bright” overlaid on top of the graduation year with the graduate’s name below it. Or, you can choose the Editorial Grad Announcement and make it look as if it were a spread in a magazine. The sample has the text “So, it turns out I’m graduating.” If these are the kinds of designs that speak to you, then you may want to consider choosing a template with text and sayings.

When you’re creating your graduation card, remember that this is all about how you want to celebrate your accomplishment. Choosing the right announcement design and content can be a reflection of who you are, what you’ve done, and who you aim to become.