Technology Every Business Should Have

Running a business in this digital age comes with many opportunities for growth thanks to rapidly evolving technologies. Various…
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Running a business in this digital age comes with many opportunities for growth thanks to rapidly evolving technologies. Various sectors are adopting innovative technologies to automate and accelerate their core processes. What’s more, the implementation of these new technologies offers a competitive advantage over competing businesses. No doubt, technology can set your business up for success, however, it helps to choose the right one. For a little help, we’ve compiled a list of several pieces of technology every business should have.

Machine Learning

Across all sectors of the global economy, artificial intelligence (AI) is well on track to mainstream adoption. Many companies are rapidly implementing this latest technology to solve increasingly complex problems. Machine learning (ML) is at the heart of artificial intelligence and it embraces the concept that machines can learn and adapt without human intervention. The rapid increase in demand for robust ML applications has led to the emergence of Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), which is vital for extracting significant business value from an ML model.

Like DevOps, MLOps has become a viable tool for extracting value from a dataset. While it’s the job of a data scientist to discover a new model with business value, deploying the model requires the expertise of an ML engineer. Every modern business should consider hiring an ML engineer to successfully deploy their ML project. Essentially, an ML engineer can help build an ML pipeline that can replicate the results of the recommendation model.

VoIP Phone System


The voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) technology revolutionized the telecommunication industry by allowing users to make unlimited calls through an internet connection instead of an analog phone line. This made the traditional landline phone system nearly obsolete and drove demand for them to the ground.

The VoIP phone system has an underlying technology that converts the voice signal used in a traditional phone system into a digital signal that travels through the internet rather than a landline telephone. The most significant advantage of VoIP technology is that it lowers the cost of voice communication. For the most part, VoIP phone calls are relatively free as long as there’s a reliable internet connection.

The VoIP phone system has become ubiquitous for business use and it helps to find a VoIP provider that offers reliable VoIP phone services. Mobile or landline phones with a strong internet connection can place and receive a VoIP call. Best of all, you can conduct a VoIP call on a computer using a microphone and headset, regardless of whether it’s an outgoing or incoming call. Be sure there’s enough bandwidth to prevent lags and delays. The best VoIP service does more than facilitate VoIP phone calls. VoIP technology has also enabled audio conferencing and video conferencing for personal and commercial purposes for an affordable price.

Cloud Computing


The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to adopt the “work-from-home” practice. These days, remote work has become more prevalent and cloud computing helps businesses with remote policies reduce organizational costs, reduce employee turnover, and boost employee productivity. By adopting cloud computing, companies can become more agile and scalable.

Cloud computing tools include servers, software, networking, databases, and data storage. Rather than store company files on an on-premise data storage infrastructure, you can leverage cloud storage to save them to a remote database. Authorized employers can access the files from any location using an internet-connected device.

Cloud computing goes beyond accessing company files on multiple devices. With a good cloud computing service provider, business users can back up data and enable off-site recovery. Best of all, the technology offers enterprise companies huge cost-saving potential.