Perfect Careers for Every Zodiac Sign

Many of us filled out a form in high school, asking us to list our strengths and weaknesses so…
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Many of us filled out a form in high school, asking us to list our strengths and weaknesses so that a guidance counselor could give us career advice. The counselor used all kinds of systems to tell each of us whether we’d be better off as a secretary, a CEO, or a doctor. Maybe the counselor suggested you should be a park ranger or a teacher. Either way, they probably weren’t taking your Zodiac sign into account when giving you advice.

These days, astrology and the wisdom of the Zodiac are helping people guide their intuition on everything from their sex life to how they process the latest news. So, why not use this important perspective to decide what career path is right for you? If you want to decide whether you should be a model or an accountant, read on to see what the Zodiac has to say about it.


Capricorns are born leaders. They have the strength and conviction to guide employees to success, the ability to delegate when necessary, and the pragmatism to see the right path for a business to take on its journey. These are the CEOs, branch managers, and teachers of the world. A leadership role suits them well.


Those who fall in the month of Aquarius have a water sign, which is why their character lends itself to creativity and flexibility. These are the artists and innovators of the world. Aquarius signs will usually be finding success in roles that don’t need too many rules. However, they may also be scientists because they enjoy the creative thinking that leads to scientific innovation.


A Pisces is always sensitive and emotionally wise. Whether you’re a Pisces woman or a Pisces man, you’ll be drawn to spiritual roles or jobs that offer an opportunity for human connection. Think of social workers, psychologists, poets, or musicians for an optimal Pisces career.


Aries, the ram, loves competition and knows how to stand up for the values they believe in. These earth signs will also feel at home in a leadership role, but especially a role that grounds itself in morals. Aries will do well as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.


Taurus signs crave stability and love to be grounded in their domestic functions. These bull signs are the dependable folks that can lead a team to victory simply by always being there. They’ll do well as leaders in training sessions, as middle-managers, or as the backbone of any office.


Geminis thrive in adaptable situations and love challenges. They won’t do well in a 9-5 office job, but they might enjoy a career that has stability but also takes them traveling. Geminis may do well as consultants, journalists, or artists.


Cancer, the crab, is a sensitive Zodiac sign that tends to be domestic and home-loving. They will do well in any job that allows them to lean into that domesticity, as well as their tell-tale spaciness. Cancers may do well as a troop leader for scouts or anything in the hospitality industry.


Leo, the lion of the Zodiac, tend to be confident to the point of delusion. There’s a reason that the lion is considered the king of the jungle‚Äö and Leos lean into that leadership capacity that’s so inherent to their signs. These are the prima donna actors or poets, but they might also be at home as a powerful executive at the top of a New York skyscraper.


A Virgo needs everything in their life to be just so. The only thing that can be chaotic is nothing at all, which is why they make great organizers and office managers. However, a creative Virgo might also end up finding success as a male model. Models also need to be meticulous in aesthetics. If a Virgo has a penchant for social media and a healthy appetite for competition, a job as a model might work.


Libras love everyone to get along, and they also have an innate sense of justice. If they’re drawn to standing up for ideals, Libras make great lawyers and social workers. If they’re more of a people-person, they’d be great in a customer service role.


Scorpios are generally almost too smart to function, and they tend to be puzzle-solvers. As such, a Scorpio will make a great scientist, programmer, or engineer.


A Sagittarius is almost the opposite sign from a Scorpio—these are the fun-loving goofballs that everyone loves to be around. Do you know that friend who is always dragging you on a new adventure? That person is probably a Sagittarius. These folks make great travel bloggers, social media influencers, personal training professionals, and diplomats.

If you’ve never considered your Zodiac sign when thinking about your carer goals, maybe it’s time to give it a try. The wisdom of astrology may give you the clarity you needed to get started as either a model or an accountant‚Äîwhatever your sign deems the best option.