How to Prepare a Proposal on the Road

Congratulations on your decision to propose! If you’re planning to propose on the road, you have the unique opportunity…
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Congratulations on your decision to propose! If you’re planning to propose on the road, you have the unique opportunity to make your proposal extra memorable. Here are some creative options to consider as you plan your perfect proposal.

Considering Her Personality and Collecting Memories


A great adventure awaits if you plan to pull out that engagement ring on a road trip. If you’re planning to spend the rest of your life with your partner and have been thinking about planning the perfect proposal on a road trip, it’s a good idea to put some planning into how you’ll ask her to tie the knot. Whether your love story began on your first date, which was pretty recent, or you’ve known each other for years, it’s important to lead up to the big day with a proposal idea your sweetheart will never forget. By planning a road trip, you’re already on your way to the best proposal in a perfect place.

Start with considering where you plan to travel to. You’ll want that special moment to be somewhere that means something to her. Instead of pulling out that ring at a rest stop, consider things your future fiancé enjoys doing. Maybe you have a shared passion for hiking and are planning to travel to a national park. Waiting until you get to the top of a summit at sunset could be a great way to go.

Another important thing to remember is that, if your proposal is a surprise, your future fiancé won’t be as sentimental as you when you first hit the road. For this reason, you’ll want to pick up mementos from your trip as you go. Even if you aren’t someone who would normally grab souvenirs, this trip is different, so be sure to hit the gift shops on the open road as something to look back on later.

Making it Personal With Trinkets


As you begin planning the perfect engagement for less, think about ways to make it more personal. Putting a personal touch on this epic engagement trip will be something your sweetheart appreciates. Whether you plan out the perfect spot ahead of time or plan to wait until the moment strikes along the way, you can take a lot of pressure off yourself by planning ahead of time how you’ll make the proposal personal.

You could write or recite a poem, play a favorite song, or have your sweetheart participate in a scavenger hunt along the way. There are many ways you could add excitement and that personal feel to your proposal that will help build excitement for the special day. Think about incorporating those trinkets you pick up along the way to build up to that big moment in your love story.

Including Loved Ones and Adventures Ahead


If you know your future spouse will want to include her family and friends in the big news, it could be important to consider logistics. While you could arrange for them to be at the bottom of your hike or in that restaurant at your final destination spot, another way to do it is to hire a videographer, so that she can later send out videos of the proposal. If you know she’d prefer an intimate moment, there are still ways to include the people she loves. Be sure to have a cell phone with you so that she can make those calls when she’s ready. Things as simple as making social media announcements or going to live right after a proposal with big news can be a lot of fun.

At the end of the day, by taking the time to plan out your proposal before you hit the road, you’re sure to give her a proposal she won’t soon forget. Taking into account her interests, making them personal, and including the people she loves could make it even better. Good luck with your plans and proposal and the amazing adventure ahead! Before you know it, your next road trip will be your honeymoon.