How to Explore Your Sexuality Without a Partner

Nurturing your sexuality is the key to having a happy and healthy sex life. The best part? You don’t…
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Nurturing your sexuality is the key to having a happy and healthy sex life. The best part? You don’t need a partner to be able to explore your sexuality. In fact, depending on a partner to help you express your sexuality could get in the way of you becoming in-tune with your needs and desires. That’s why it’s important to explore your sexuality via different avenues and situations so that you know how to get what you want, when you want it, and how you want it.

Keep a private journal

It may feel a little awkwardly self-aggrandizing at first, but maybe you should consider keeping a journal dedicated to your sex life. Write about anything related to your sex-life—the best and worst encounters, the most memorable lovers, or embarrassing moments. Just because your sex-life is a party of one doesn’t mean that you should lose sight of fantasies, desires, turn-ons, and most importantly, sexual power.


Continue learning, because sex-education is for life

Listen to sex-themed podcasts that break down power dynamics and societal pressures surrounding sex, give strategies on how to lead an empowered sex life, and teach new things to try in the bedroom. There are boundless books that discuss sexual techniques, the psychology of desire, and how to get turned on (think erotica). Sign up for a sex-positive workshop or class that provide hands-on learning on topics from establishing healthy boundaries to the introduction into the realm of BDSM.


Love yourself, often

You can’t guide a lover to the finish line if you don’t know your own body. Become generous with self-love and expand your masturbation habits. Figure out what stimuli your body responds to, experiment with the type and intensity of touch, and playout fantasies in your head while you discover turn-ons. Go beyond your comfort zones and discover new ways to get yourself off. Incorporate toys into your self-love routine like a vibrator, feathers, nipple clamps, or products that will help you discover new erogenous zones.

You could even go as far as buying an exotic sex doll from California Dolls—because there’s nothing wrong with a woman owning a sex doll. In fact, according to relationship writer Jessica Wildfire, owning a sex doll is just an “extremely advanced form of masturbation.”


Get into a sexy hobby

Take up a sexy hobby that harnesses your sexuality in a physically active way. Learn just how sexy and strong your body can be with a pole dancing class, striptease class, belly dancing, or burlesque. It’s a fun way to engage in empowered female bonding, become in tune with your body, and get a sexy workout.


Embrace erotic visuals

Sexuality has been explored in art throughout human history in painting, music, poetry, photography, dance, and more. Most museums, especially contemporary ones, have erotic in nature works on display that will allow you to discover sexuality through someone else’s lens. There are erotic museums solely dedicated to the celebration of sexuality over the centuries throughout world cultures. Alternatively, most bookstores have an erotic art section that you can peruse.


Consider having a one-night-stand

All this time spent exploring your sexuality is likely to stir up some needs, and that is perfectly alright. Hooking up with someone, spilling all your secrets, and then never seeing that person again is liberating for some people. To meet people in your local area, skip the adult dating site, and create a profile on LocalSexApp. It’s the best meet n fuck app for consenting adults to find a local, no strings attached fuck buddy. If you are ready to meet and fuck tonight, LocalSexApp is your gateway to a free sex community and the biggest fuck book around.


If you’re comfortable to make it a group affair, do so!

Sex clubs are nothing new and may be worth checking out. Some clubs are more like low-key bars where participants are clothed and playing sex games, while others are more club-like and are filled with dedicated play-rooms. A reputable sex club will check ID’s against a sex offender database, require participants to agree to consent and boundaries, and have bouncers throughout the club monitoring consensual behavior. Going to sex clubs allows you to feel comfortable mingling in a sexy atmosphere among adults of all body types, races, and sexual orientations. The most important thing to understand about sex clubs and sex parties is that you are never obligated to engage or participate.