How Hotel Video Surveillance Can Be Beneficial

Video cameras are commonly seen at banks, convenience stores, and other public spaces. This is for the protection of…
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Video cameras are commonly seen at banks, convenience stores, and other public spaces. This is for the protection of employees and customers, as the mere existence of a surveillance system insight can help to deter crime

Other types of businesses could certainly take advantage of such solutions. In fact, surveillance for hotels is beneficial for many different reasons, especially when a best-in-class surveillance system —like the one by Verkada— is used. Verkada has many security options to choose from, and they combine solid-state storage with intelligent, industry-leading cloud software for a hybrid-cloud system that was made for large corporations and businesses looking for an extra layer of protection and security.

The following are three reasons why video surveillance is beneficial to hotels.

Monitor criminals and theft activity

Criminals are less likely to burglarize an establishment with visible video surveillance. However, video surveillance can also catch possible criminal and theft activity via employees and guests of the hotel.

Ideally, there will be a camera set up in every place where it is legal to do so. After all, you have to meet the regulations and requirements mapped out by the law, and you also want to honor your guests’ privacy.

Having state-of-the-art technology makes it possible for your cameras to catch everything in the surrounding area. Today’s cameras don’t take blurry video in which you can barely identify the individuals in the footage. 4K surveillance allows hotel managers and security personnel to catch everything in their vicinity and identify potential suspects with ease. 

If a criminal activity takes place, the cameras will have it on record. Thanks to hybrid cloud-based systems, the owner of the property don’t even have to be on campus to monitor the cameras.

The power of peace of mind

Peace of mind is a powerful thing. Your guests and employees should feel safe walking through your hotel doors. A surveillance system can help spread that peace of mind.

You, of course, want your cameras to monitor suspicious behavior, but one of the biggest benefits of surveillance is making your guests feel safe. Your guests are your customers and your business needs to do everything in its power to ensure they have a good experience and stay at your hotel.

While hotel safes in rooms are there to provide protection for a guest’s belongings, they’re not indestructible and can be tampered with. Security cameras can provide an extra layer of protection in the event of theft. Laws need to be met and some states don’t allow cameras to be present in every single room of a hotel, but hall cameras can at least monitor the areas outside of rooms and track when someone enters into a guest’s room. From there, further investigation can take place.

They can help show proof, find lost items, and maintain records for later use

Video cameras will have everything on record. Unlike security cameras of the past in which a tape controlled everything, hybrid cloud-based systems can keep a virtually unlimited amount of data on record.

This is important because your company can use this data to show proof if theft occurs, or find a lost item in a less extreme case. Your business can go back to a specific time and date effortlessly if the need arises.

While employees and guests have peace of mind with cameras being present, the owner of the property can also share this sentiment, as everything is documented, on record, and easily accessible. On top of the benefits above, video surveillance can even save hotels money on property and liability insurance, depending on the provider. 

There are many reasons why hotel video surveillance is beneficial. That is why it is strongly encouraged that hotel properties, organizations, and businesses jump aboard this next-level technology and implement a reliable surveillance system into their security efforts.