Checklist for Moving Into Newly Built Home

Relocation can be a daunting task, especially if you decide to do things last minute. The journey from packing…
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Relocation can be a daunting task, especially if you decide to do things last minute. The journey from packing to unpacking requires smooth planning and the best hands in the moving industry. Ultimately, movers need to be in control at every step of the process, so they don’t leave things to chance. On that note, here’s a move day checklist to guide your next move into your new home.

Leave the house in good shape.


Moving comes with so many activities, with some requiring equal attention all at once. And the first place to begin the moving process can be a final maintenance drive to your old home as a homeowner. Check the entire home for all forms of essential repair works, from that malfunctioning thermostat to the heating system, furnace, air conditioner, and dirty filters.

You can also consider the installation of a new thermostat or an upgrade of your HVAC’s entire system. Loose wires and fuse faults can do with just a simple fix. But for all the sophisticated repair works, enlisting a professional technician can be nothing short of a good idea. It ensures a hassle-free process and guarantees peace of mind. And your new occupant won’t appreciate any appliance that spikes electrical bills and energy costs.

Book the best mover and packing services.

Selecting the best moving company may come with its own checklist. Depending on the type of move, any of your local movers with great experience and customer service should be okay. But if you’re considering a long-distance move to an entirely new location in the U.S., that can be a bigger problem. Cross-country relocation may result in several unwanted surprises, and not getting a reliable mover doesn’t help your case in any way.

But it’s possible to get a professional mover even if you know none in the area of your new house. A quick Google query for “movers in Phoenix” can bring several useful options if you live in the Phoenix area. But to guarantee a stress-free moving experience, your decision to settle on a Phoenix mover should be based on the years of experience in operation and company reviews.

Before booking your moving company, do well to ensure all valuables are where they need to be. For first-time packers, it pays to keep all fragile items in one place so that they get the extra care they require. Make sure you have enough bubble wrap to label boxes — it makes unloading easier.

Secure a few days before and after the move.

But in setting your move date, not everything may be in your hands. If your current home’s new owner is assuming residency during the week, it leaves you no option other than to get permission from your employers for time off.

You may have things easier if it’s an office move or a corporate relocation. If it’s a personal move, you can ask for a few days off before your move day. A few days off after the move can also afford you the time required for all the unpacking.

Settle in before moving in.


Settling in before moving in can be a great way to ensure the best moving experience. Many people may prefer to move directly into their new homes after packing. But if your home is like the several in the United States with insufficient storage space, you may have a big problem.

After moving, the last thing you want is your piece of furniture and other large items wrapped up in boxes spread over your living space. Movers can enlist self-storage services right after moving so they can make new arrangements at their own pace.

Update your records.

After you move, remember your old house now belongs to someone else. Redirecting your post is a great way to ensure you don’t spam someone else’s mailbox. Update all official documents with your new address. If you need to get insurance for your refrigerator and other properties, your current provider can do a great job updating your policy.