Appliances You’ll Be Glad You Purchased

Regardless of if you have just moved into your home, or if you have been there for years, there…
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Regardless of if you have just moved into your home, or if you have been there for years, there is always room for improvement. Not necessarily a renovation of the living room or yet another upgrade of the bathroom, either. If you want to improve your life in the home, then you have every right to be a little selfish, and get yourself an appliance or two that makes things a little easier. Plus, if you’ve been working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, or have been quarantined, then you’ll have had plenty of time to look around your home and see where a few adjustments will make a huge difference.

So, what appliances are out there that you’ll be pleased that you purchased (and will certainly have no regrets about)? Let’s take a look at a few.

Portable Ice Maker

Depending on where you are in the United States, it won’t be long before winter is a different memory. The summer invariably brings hot weather and humidity, and with them, a constant running of the air-con unit and a thirst that cannot be quenched. So, if you know the heat is coming and the ceiling fan won’t cut it, go one step further and grab a countertop ice maker. The versatility of these little devices alone is worth the cost. Yes, they’re perfect for those that like to sink a drink that has lots of ice in it, but the possibilities beyond consumption are much better for those days when you just can’t cool down.

Even for the times that you least expect it (who here has wished that they had plenty of ice on standby for stubbed toes and small bumps?) having a countertop ice maker is great. However, being able to detach from the countertop and taking your appliance outside is even better. Imagine it, you’re sitting outside in the hot summer sun, with a beverage in one hand and a tray filled with so much ice in the other — bliss!

Smart Thermostat

Electricity costs that are due during Covid can be hefty and sadly little can be done about it. Furthermore, because of working from home, most of the energy that your home uses has either been on the air conditioning or on the heating. Add to that, the fact that they’ve been used so much more this year and you’ll see that the costs are going to be higher, and potentially will have to include repairs as well.

A smart thermostat may be the answer here. If you find that there is cold water coming from the faucet, then the answer isn’t to leave it running into the sink until it warms. Similarly, if you are sitting in your living room and feel like a bag of ice (and not the good one from your new kitchen countertop appliance) but feel no better after increasing the furnace output then there is probably an issue with your HVAC system. Having a smart device to regulate temperature (as in, keeping the rooms not too cold nor hot), is a good way to save money by not wasting energy. It’s also healthier since a faulty system is more prone to humidity, and that’s a breeding ground for viruses and allergies.

Garage Door Opener

Rounding off this list of modern home upgrades is an entry that involves renovating the garage of the home. Homeowners often forget about the garage, and yet it’s often the most versatile room in the home. So give it some love!

A good clean and a few gadgets wouldn’t go amiss in your car’s home. You could even house a few appliances there if they’re of a more seasonal variety. However, if you want to go one step further, check out this list of smart garage door openers, and add a touch of convenience to your car hold!