A Look at Commercial Construction and Development

Commercial construction involves renovating, designing, and building commercial structures for clients. These projects typically use heavy-duty equipment funded by…
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Commercial construction involves renovating, designing, and building commercial structures for clients. These projects typically use heavy-duty equipment funded by developers and national or local governments.

Contractors and developers venture into commercial construction and development by competing for contracts through proposal bids. There are numerous types of commercial construction projects, ranging from major restaurants to skyscrapers in big cities. Below is an in-depth insight into the commercial construction and development process.

It all starts with a great location.


A commercial developer’s location selection for any commercial building is one of the first and essential decisions they must make for the project. Generally, the developer will consider factors like access to employees and clients and proximity to other buildings. The developer must also verify that the site’s sewer and water lines can handle the project’s needs. Additionally, environmental testing is necessary to confirm whether the site is contamination-free before it qualifies as a good location. As a modern homeowner, using energy-efficient windows is undoubtedly worth considering to enjoy reduced energy costs. Renowned remodeling companies such as Statewide Remodeling can help with this need.

Statewide Remodeling is a remodeling company that provides a wide range of home improvement services to clients. They offer storm window replacement in Dallas, TX, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Their experienced professionals can install new storm windows that boost home energy efficiency, helping you save on utility bills. They guarantee fast and efficient installations and offer lifetime warranties on all parts and labor. What’s more, Statewide Remodeling has accreditation from the BBB Institute and offers free quotes and consultations to clients.

Budgeting is an essential requirement.

Like any other significant undertaking, commercial construction and development demand proper budgeting for the best results. The building costs for such projects often cost between $16 to $20 per square foot. For buildings that need additional finishing like insulation, the costs per square foot may be between $30 and $40 per square foot. Increased labor and product costs are typically responsible for high commercial construction costs. Budgeting is crucial in residential home remodeling also to eliminate unforeseen expenses and other surprises. Trusted home remodeling experts such as CMK Construction Inc. will come in handy for a wide range of home improvements.

CMK Construction offers residential, commercial, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling services to clients in Tampa, FL. They provide bathroom remodel and design services, helping you construct various bathroom types, including master and half baths. They undertake projects like tub and shower conversions, installing new showerheads, toilets, faucets, and sinks. CMK also does a great job with various kitchen remodeling projects, helping many clients install new cabinets and countertops, among others. Furthermore, they have years of experience in the home improvement industry and offer great customer service to their clients.

Outline your project goals through the pre-design phase.

The pre-design phase clarifies the project’s intentions and goals and arrives at the total project cost. It’s generally at this stage that developers introduce their architect and general contractor. Alternatively, they can hire an enterprise specializing in commercial building construction services to streamline the entire process. In both commercial and residential remodeling, finding good professionals to work on various home improvements is necessary. Reputable air conditioning companies such as Direct AC can offer skilled HVAC professionals for your home’s heating and cooling needs.

Direct Air Conditioning offers air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair services to clients in Miami and surrounding locations. They eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses from your home by providing HVAC UV lights to secure your family and prevent coronavirus. Direct Air also cleans ductwork around your home, improving cooling, heating. What’s more, they are BBB-accredited, guarantee transparent pricing, and offer industry-leading warranties on their AC units.

Use your design phase to finalize planning.

The design phase involves a complete set of drawings containing the final project specs, timelines, and costs for each project. At this stage of the commercial development process, other professionals are involved besides the architects and builders. Electricians, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, and others outline their respective plans for the project. As an investor, hard money loans are a vital thing you’ll undoubtedly need at a point to help you finance some transactions. Helpful private money lenders with a good reputation will come in handy when looking for great private lending companies for your loan needs.

Pacific Private Money is a market leader in the private lending space in San Francisco and other parts of California. They offer various hard money lending services to borrowers, including bridge loans, flip loans, and commercial and construction loans for real estate investors. Their loans are also quick and reliable. What’s more, they’re widely known for seeing every loan commitment through to close.

Construction Phase

The construction phase begins with site preparation activities like excavation, vegetation removal, construction of temporary storage facilities, among others. Various subcontractors then get to work on the foundation, framing, siding, roofing, HVAC, and other aspects of the job. Finally, all interior and exterior finishing touches are taken care of, with landscaping being usually the last project crossed off the construction and development list. Since HVAC systems are essential to any building’s functioning, it’s always prudent to find quality HVAC contractors for commercial and residential building needs. Leading HVAC companies such as Gateway Mechanical can help with a broad range of HVAC needs.

Gateway Mechnical is a family-run enterprise that has established itself as an industry leader in the commercial and industrial heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning sector. They’re the largest refrigeration and HVAC service provider in Western Canada. Their teams are supported by project managers and professional engineers, ensuring that their full technical capability is always available for every service call and project. Furthermore, health and safety is an integral part of their corporate culture, so they adopt industry best practices to maintain high health and safety standards.

In conclusion, commercial construction and development are responsible for many public buildings that catch our attention in today’s world. The points above are insights into how commercial construction and development work to bring commercial buildings to life.