6 Steps to Staging for an Open House

Moving can be an exciting time in a homeowner’s life. Homeowners may be enthusiastic about starting fresh in a…
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Moving can be an exciting time in a homeowner’s life. Homeowners may be enthusiastic about starting fresh in a new environment and decorating their new home. Making custom home inspiration ideas into a reality is an enjoyable task for many people. Choosing the flooring or carpeting, wall colors, and furniture gives homeowners a chance to exercise their creativity. For example, homeowners interested in Amish furniture can choose high-quality Amish furniture pieces that suit their tastes.

While prioritizing the move to a new home, a homeowner has to sell their old one. Hiring a real estate agent is the standard approach to selling a home, but it can be expensive. On average, realtors receive six percent of the home selling price. Additionally, homeowners may have to pay various real estate closing fees. Another drawback is that a home may spend weeks to months on the market.

To expedite home-selling, homeowners can stage an open house, allowing prospective home buyers to get a detailed, in-person glimpse of the house. Homeowners in California may ask: How can I quickly sell my house in Los Angeles? Californian homeowners can sell their homes with Sell Quick California. This home-selling method doesn’t require homeowners to pay fees and closing costs. Another plus for homeowners is that they receive an immediate cash offer.

For homeowners who stage open houses, they can ensure success by following these six steps below.

Choose the right time

Homeowners can maximize the number of visitors and prospective buyers who attend an open house by holding it on a day that is convenient for most people. People are more likely to participate in open houses on Saturdays or Sundays when they are not working. Picking a time frame that works for most people, such as two hours in the afternoon or the evening, can boost attendance. 

Spread the word

Another way to get attendees is to raise awareness about the open house. Homeowners can post information about the open house on public bulletin boards in the community. Sending emails, texting, and calling friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to inform them of the open house is helpful because they may attend the open house or invite people they know. Additionally, homeowners can post about the open house on social media to spread the word.

Remove personal touches

Homeowners should be mindful that their personal touches and home design may not work for all potential buyers. What’s appealing to one potential buyer may not appeal to another. Keeping family photos and personal art and decorations visible is unnecessary, as they are not for sale. Depersonalizing the house allows prospective buyers to see the house neutrally and visualize how they would design it.

Make necessary repairs

Houses that desperately need repairs and renovations may not be impressive to buyers. Before staging an open house, homeowners should thoroughly clean their space and fix any holes in the walls or faulty plumbing. Homeowners in California should note that Sell Quick California buys homes as-is. For this reason, a home in good condition for selling and buying can ease the process.

Make the home inviting

Home exteriors are as crucial as home interiors. An aesthetically pleasing home and a manicured lawn can be more inviting to potential buyers than a home in need of a new roof, new windows, or a power wash. Anything lacking proper maintenance will garner attention from buyers, so homes should be presentable inside and out. In some situations, polishing a home may be too hard and time-consuming. For example, houses in Los Angeles that are partially or wholly destroyed by wildfires need more time and repair. For this reason, homeowners in Los Angeles should consider a more convenient home-selling option if they are unable to keep up maintenance on the exterior of a house.

Make the open house enjoyable

Serving refreshments can set a comfortable atmosphere that makes open houses enjoyable. Light snacks such as finger sandwiches, cookies, fruit, crackers and cheese, and wine from a liquor store are serving options that make open houses professional and inviting.

Just as moving into a new house after selling one can be fun for a home seller, learning about and observing a potential new home can be fun for a home buyer. An open house that displays the property well and targets buyers is a successful one.