5 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

It is important to start taking better care of yourself before your health begins to decline. When it comes…
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It is important to start taking better care of yourself before your health begins to decline. When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’s better to be proactive than reactive.  Your body runs like a machine. How you fuel and maintain it greatly affects its performance and longevity. Read on to see five ways you can improve your health by taking better care of yourself.

Take Regular Trips To The Doctor



According to Forbes, Americans see their doctor about four times per year. This number is minimalistic compared to Japan. Japanese citizens see their doctor an average of  13 times per year. Seeing your General Physician is better for your health than seeing an emergency care physician. A family doctor will keep a file documenting your medical history as well as family history, which can be used to diagnose new illnesses. Getting a family physician requires health insurance to avoid out of pocket fees. To ensure that you’re getting the best care for your dollar look into getting health insurance quotes online at sites such as Health Quote Gurus. You have more options than you may think, and some plans offer little to no co-pay for seeing a physician.

 Get More Sleep



Doctors prescribe seven hours of slumber a day/night, and the national average is 6.8. Studies show that 35% of all Americans97% of teensdon’t get adequate sleep. Sleeplessness causes accidents, serious illness, depression, and deprives you of your mental clarity. Allowing yourself to take power naps can ease the discomfort of sleeplessness and aid in better sleep patterns. There are several natural remedies for insomnia including melatonin and herbal teas. Studies show that breathing exercises can also help you fall asleep faster.

Get Your Body Moving



Have you ever wondered why people wake up early in the morning to work out? Cardio in the morning can help give you that boost of energy you need to start the day. Aside from weight loss exercising can lower your cholesterol levels and get your blood flowing faster. Get heart-healthy and feeling great, start a new exercise regime today!

Clean Up Your Diet



I know what you’re thinking, changing your diet isn’t something that’s on your agenda for right now. Changes in your diet don’t have to be drastic, start with subtle changes first. Try adding some superfoods, probiotics or electrolytes to your daily dietary intake. Nutritional providers such as Terra Origin can provide you with the supplements you need to start changing your diet for the better.

Learn To Cope With Stress


Stress is the number one killer of Americans today. Stress puts a strain on your body that you can feel in your heart and your head. High blood pressure and even your sugar levels increase when your body is stressed out. The best way to deal with this and improve your health is to learn how to manage your stress levels in an active way. Try taking up an activity or a hobby. De-stressing doesn’t always mean you have to hit the yoga studio or sweat it out in a sauna, relaxing outside with a good book is a good way to de-stress if that’s what you’re into. Take some time for yourself, it’ll do your body and your mind good.

Taking baby-steps towards taking better care of yourself is the best way to achieve excellence. No one starts off running during a marathon, if you do you’ll burn yourself out.  Try introducing superfoods, electrolytes, and probiotics to your diet through supplements and visiting your doctor with a physical assessment. Speak to your doctor before making any big changes to your diet or exercise regime. And ensure that you’ve got health insurance to cover the cost of your doctor’s visit!