5 Small Things You Should Do for Yourself This Month

It’s probably been a tough year for you so far. There’s a public health emergency, economic crisis, and much…
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It’s probably been a tough year for you so far. There’s a public health emergency, economic crisis, and much uncertainty floating around the globe. It’s natural if you’re stressed about everything from your job, to keeping your family safe. And, with everything in a state of upheaval, how do you find the energy to do anything for yourself? However, take a minute to breathe this month and then do just that.

Spend a little money treating yourself to a new wardrobe, or get some mental health counseling. Or, take the day off to soak in your tub. Focusing on yourself may improve your mood and lower your stress levels. If you’re having trouble deciding, here are a few suggestions.

Improve your memory.

As you age, it’s essential to take better care of your memory. Several factors lead to memory impairments, including stress and aging. To keep your memory sharp, spend a little time sharpening it this month. Start doing the crossword every morning or consider playing a brain teaser on your mobile phone or tablet.

If you want to sharpen your brain, improve your memory, and reduce stress, consider investing in some jigsaw puzzles, one of the most popular ways people spent time during lockdown this year. Start with a minimum piece jigsaw puzzle and increase the piece count as you get used to the activity. You’ll quickly find yourself getting hooked to each new puzzle you attempt (and complete!).

Treat yourself.


When did you last add a new item to your wardrobe? It may not be sensible to spend too much during these times. With the economic uncertainty of COVID-19, it’s best to make small, smart purchases. However, COVID-19 lockdowns and the stress of a public health crisis is also precisely why you should treat yourself to something this month.

In any case, you don’t have to spend all your savings on treating yourself. Consider shopping at wholesale stores or at online clearance sales to get the best prices on new arrivals. Buy a new romper, some petite dresses, or a pair of new denim jeans. Or, get yourself some new petite jumpsuits to wear at your next Zoom brunch. Staples like these never go out of style.

Get some support.

Are you having a difficult time handling feelings of anxiety during the ongoing pandemic? Have you had an economic crisis that’s weighing on you? From personal tragedy to mental health issues, the COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult time for everyone. Spend a little time focusing on your mental health this month by talking to a counselor. In-person therapy may not be an option, but you can still engaged in a therapy session that helps you sort through your issues.

Consider opting for telehealth services and online therapy. A good option is to sign up for a teletherapy session with a licensed platform. You can get secure connections, the opportunity to opt for face therapy, and the utmost confidentiality during every session. Above all, you will have the mental health care that you need to get through this time.

Take a solo trip.


Spending time by yourself can help you avoid burnout, improve your mood, and leave you feeling more resilient. Even if it’s somewhere close-by and just for a day, make sure you give yourself some time alone. You can take a long drive or book an overnight stay somewhere with a limited internet connection. A spa day may not be a possibility right now, but you can take advantage of at-home treatments. Or, treat yourself to a day off work to get some much-needed rest.

Find a new activity.

Exercise is so beneficial for many reasons. However, it’s often hard to motivate yourself to stay active, especially these days. It’s a good idea to trick yourself into staying active by doing something fun. How about joining a dance class, or trying your hand at some martial arts training? Don’t let the pandemic stop you from picking a fun new activity this month. There are several online classes you can join during this time.