5 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas [2020]

Environmental scientists have been sounding the horn for years, and it's finally paying off. After all those years of…

Environmental scientists have been sounding the horn for years, and it's finally paying off. After all those years of warning people about their carbon footprint, it seems they've finally caught the world's attention. The idea of going green sure has caught on in Alabama and it's creating new business opportunities as well.

In a capitalist, free-market country like the U.S., anything that becomes popular can be marketed and sold. If you're an environmentally conscious person with an entrepreneurial spirit, then now's your time to act. The rise of conscious consumers means that having an eco-friendly business model will draw new customers and create loyal customers in the process. Continue reading to see how going green could help your business to rake in the green.

Help others with recycling

One of the easiest ways to help the environment is by recycling. In fact, it's so simple that you probably learned how to do it before you learned how to write in cursive. What you didn't know about recycling is that it can become a lucrative industry if you can find your niche in it. This could mean helping restaurants with their used cooking oil collection, or it might mean helping fellow Alabamans responsibly dispose of their electronic waste. Electronics recycling in Mobile, AL and other cities across the state makes it possible for everyone to get a little greener.

Sell and install solar panels

A great business idea is all about solving a problem or making something more convenient. For example, many people want to switch to more eco-friendly ways of powering their home, but it can be difficult to figure out how to go about doing this. If you sell and install residential solar panels, you can help others become more responsible energy users and make things more convenient all at once.

Start an eco-friendly cleaning business

Many people already hire a third-party cleaning service in order to tidy up their home or apartment. However, have you ever thought about the dangers that harsh chemicals in cleaning solutions pose to humans, as well as pets? One way to address this issue is to start a cleaning business focused on only using eco-friendly cleaning supplies. From washing dishes and doing laundry to cleaning hardwood floors and windows, there are plenty of products you can use to do the job in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Service and sell bicycles

Bicycling to work and around town is becoming more and more popular with many environmentally conscious consumers. One way to help these types of people is to open a bicycle shop. From selling bikes to those new to the hobby or mode of transportation to servicing bicycles each year so they stay road-ready year-round, there are plenty of ways that your bicycle shop can help others be more environmentally friendly. Even when it comes to helping others know what kind of bicycle is best for their interests, having a reliable source of information from a trusted seller can go a long way in helping make the world a better place.

Become a consultant

If you already have experience in the environmental sector, it may be worth seeing if you can start a consultancy. From construction sites to offices to schools, there are plenty of businesses interested in finding ways to become more green. As an outside consultant, you can come into each business and perform an environmental audit of their current practices. From there, you can offer advice and a variety of potential solutions to help the business achieve its goals.

As you can see, the sky's the limit when it comes to starting an eco-friendly business. Hopefully, some of the above five ideas have sparked some ideas for a directing you can take your new business venture in.