4 Activities That Can Help Struggling Married Couples

Although people like to create a picture-perfect marital life on social media, many couples struggle to keep it together…
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Although people like to create a picture-perfect marital life on social media, many couples struggle to keep it together in their marriages. The truth is that no perfect marriage exists anywhere, as it’s common for couples to disagree or face conflicts. While all marriages experience difficulties, failure to address these challenges can further complicate the marriage. Research suggests that some activities can help foster a healthy relationship among couples. This article explores four activities that can help struggling married couples.

1. Couples Retreat


Marriage can be stressful and overwhelming. Sometimes, couples may need to take ample time to relax, reconnect, and enjoy themselves. A couples retreat is somewhat similar to taking a vacation with your spouse. The significant difference is that couples are taught viable relationship skills and techniques for dealing with problems they face in their marriages.

Take the initiative and sign up for a 3-day intensive marriage counseling retreat. Generally, intensive marriage counseling retreats are planned by experienced marriage counselors. Couples therapy retreats usually include weekly therapy sessions, workshops, and activities designed to strengthen the bond between couples. Nowadays, private couples prefer to attend a private marriage counseling retreat because of the privacy it offers. When picking a private marriage retreat, opt for a retreat center with years of experience healing broken marital relationships.

2. Travel

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3. Couples Counseling


Identifying the root cause of the problems can give you a much better chance of resolving them amicably. That’s why many married couples find comfort in guidance from marriage counselors or therapists who are trained to proffer solutions to marital issues. Consulting with a therapist can make a world of difference for you. No doubt, some people feel more comfortable opening up in the presence of a therapist or counselor about what’s bothering them.

The key to a practical counseling session is finding a counselor you and your partner feel comfortable and safe talking to. Keep in mind that if your spouse doesn’t feel safe around a counselor or therapist, they may hold back. If you don’t know any reputable counselors, you can solicit positive word-of-mouth referrals from your friends and family members.

4. Sex

The activities of life sometimes get in the way of having sex with your partner. Both you and your partner should make an effort toward improving your sex life. Whenever married couples struggle in their relationships, experts usually recommend having more sex. Sex is an excellent way to connect with your spouse. It’s an ideal way to solve relationship issues quickly and spend quality time together.

However, try not to see sex as a routine. Being spontaneous can help spice up your sex life. You can spice things up by being intimate in unexpected places, at unexpected times, and in unexpected ways, but always engage in safer sex practices to boost your confidence. Finally, if you have problems with sexual intimacy, you might want to see a licensed sex therapist.