3 Ways to Use SEO Audit Services for Your Brand

Over the past decade, companies of all sizes and industries have adapted to a marketing landscape focused on customers’…
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Over the past decade, companies of all sizes and industries have adapted to a marketing landscape focused on customers’ use of online research for products and services. Primarily, this takes the form of search engine optimization (SEO), which dictates a business’ online presence through online searches. Many factors can either raise or lower a company’s SEO, or rather, their “discoverability” by a potential demographic. Content quality, itemized keyword use, and an action plan properly addressing a search engine’s ability to recognize and rank the company’s website are all core necessities getting seen by potential customers.

Whether your company is service-based, or is the manufacturer of various products, the implementation of a solid SEO strategy can make a new marketing launch even more successful and is regarded as one of the best practices for any growing company. With that in mind, here we will look at three ways to use an SEO audit service for your brand, enabling your marketing team to put their best foot forward when it comes to demographic recognition and target research.

1. Knowing Your Demographic


The first step in implementing a proper SEO campaign is to conduct an SEO audit of your online presence with the aid of a professional expert in search engine optimization. For this crucial task, various SEO audit services are available to help conduct the needed research. You’ll most likely ask how well you know your own demographic, as well as if online search results of your industry produce acceptable ranks for your brand’s presence. This in itself is an invaluable lesson, as your SEO auditor will be able to determine if the correct target customer base is looking into your brand.

By looking at related products or services, an SEO expert can also determine weaknesses that your website, social media profiles, and other related action items regarding market presence are hitting their marks. Of equal importance, you’ll learn about your demographic’s needs, preferences, and customer expectations regarding products. From here, actionable recommendations can be made to improve your optimization and outreach.

2. Knowing Your Competition

When combing through your SEO performance via comprehensive keyword research, an SEO expert will also be able to construct a viable profile of your competition. If your company’s primary product type or similar services are in-demand through other retailers or agencies, looking at such items as user feedback, influencer recognition, and organic traffic will instantly offer an in-depth look at their successful competitive marketing strategies. Also, the SEO audit report can demonstrate which competitors’ marketing tactics and keyword integrations don’t work, which helps your team garner the needed insights into making your own SEO campaign all the more successful.

3. Seeing Your Strategy In Action


Throughout the comprehensive audit process, your site’s webmasters will see firsthand any technical issues that may be preventing a positive user experience from visitors. If your SEO isn’t where it should be, or your Google Analytics is lower than your initiative should be producing, a website SEO audit will reveal the causes. Broken links, outdated backlinks, duplicate content, or poorly-constructed content marketing will all be assessed within the detailed report. This will enable your website team to make the needed adjustments and updated you to get your online visibility up to par.

Likewise, the SEO audit process can offer the same crucial insights to your marketing team, allowing you to see your current marketing and SEO strategy in action. This can be especially important if your company is looking to rebrand its services, or a product rollout is underway. Knowing for sure what tactics are working, as well as not working, can be the ultimate intelligence needed for brand expansion and demographic outreach, no matter the goods or services you provide.