3 Ways To Make Sure Your New Home Is Ready for Your Family

Moving into a new home can be exciting yet overwhelming. Contrary to popular opinion, the house-closing process isn’t as…
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Moving into a new home can be exciting yet overwhelming. Contrary to popular opinion, the house-closing process isn’t as challenging as the moving process. Many new owners consider moving a nerve-racking experience because there is so much to get done in so little time. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are three things you’ll need to consider to ensure your new home is ready for your family.

1. Rekey the locks.


The security of lives and properties should be your first priority when moving. Rekeying the locks on commercial properties is never a bad idea. Take the initiative and change the locks in your new home. Besides, there’s no way to determine the number of persons who already have access to the property.

If you’re a DIY-minded homeowner, you may decide to change the locks yourself. First, you’ll need to buy new locks for all the doors that you want to rekey, and you might also need additional locks. Decide on the number of locks you’ll need to buy. As a rule, you can determine the number of locks by the number of doors you want to rekey.

Don’t know where to purchase quality locks? Banner Solutions sells premium-quality residential door hardware, including residential locks, padlocks, security products, hinges and pivots, and electronic access control products. The company also sells cylinders and key blanks. If you’ll need cylinders, decide on the number of cylinders you need and place your order. If you’re hiring a professional carpenter, ensure you add the total keying charges into your moving budget.

2. Decorate your new home.

One good thing about moving to a new home is the freedom to decorate your space to suit your taste. Most new homeowners cherish the opportunity to transform their home into a space that resonates with their personalities. If you’re short of ideas, sites like Pinterest will come in handy. Alternatively, real estate developer sites are great places to find inspiration. It helps to seek inspiration from local real estate listings, as every state in the U.S. has its own unique requirements when concerning decor. For example, if you’ve recently moved to a single condo in Alabama, a single family/condo property search in Alabama will do you some good.

It’s also worth noting that decorating your home is vital for adding charm and coziness to your space. This is important, especially as it helps your family members settle in faster. There are some simple tasks you can do to spruce up your home. For instance, you can hang beautiful artworks, pictures, prints, and posters. For aesthetics, you might also want to install French doors and hardwood floors for easier cleaning. However, if you’re not up for a DIY-decorative task, consider hiring an interior décor expert to handle the decoration.

3. Update your address.


Your address and contact information are linked to various aspects of your life. Everything from your bank statements to subscriptions and loyalty programs gets sent to your home address. The first thing you’ll need to do is ask your post office to forward your mail to your new address. Try to do this at least one week before your moving date. Additionally, you should notify tax authorities of your change of address.

Since you’re responsible for paying all the utilities, you’ll also need to notify the various utility companies you subscribe to. If you have homeowner’s insurance, be sure to inform your insurance company about your move so that they can update your policy.

Also, don’t forget to inform your employer about your change of address. They can redirect your tax forms, pay stubs, and payslips to your new home. All in all, updating your address is a straightforward process. Make sure you do it and inform the right people ahead of time.