3 Signs Your Furnace Is Costing You Extra Money

When your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioner (HVAC) system is in proper working order, your home feels more…
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When your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioner (HVAC) system is in proper working order, your home feels more comfortable and your energy bills stay in check. Several telltale signs let homeowners know it’s time to repair or replace their HVAC system. It’s common for utility bills to increase during the winter, but when you find yourself paying a lot of extra money, it’s a sign that it’s time to bring in a technician. Ignoring small problems can quickly lead to inconvenient breakdowns and expensive repairs. Take a look at some of the telltale signs that your furnace is costing too much money.

1. Your home isn’t warm enough.


It’s important to have a furnace that’s right for the size of your home. An obvious sign that your furnace needs maintenance is if it struggles to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the home. Air leaks or a broken thermostat can cause your home to feel colder. Rather than push the heating system, it’s a good idea to have a technician inspect it. This is especially true if you notice different temperatures in different rooms. Uneven heating is common with an old system that has a single-speed blower. A change in a comfortable temperature and uneven heating are signs that your furnace is failing.

2. Something looks, sounds, or smells off.


Looking at and listening to your furnace can tell you a lot about its condition. It’s a good idea to inspect your heater for cracks, corrosion, and odd noises. Hearing rattling, grinding, or banging are signs that the blower needs adjusting or replacement. Always notice how the furnace smells. When turning it on in the winter for the first time, it’s normal for the furnace to smell musty. However, if there’s an odd smell for several days, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician.

The best way to avoid breakdowns and keep your home’s heating system in peak performance for the long run is to keep up with regular maintenance. Failing to prioritize regular maintenance results in the need for more frequent repairs and the need to pay extra money. When you notice the signs your furnace is costing you extra money, it’s a good idea to have a service technician come and give your furnace a thorough inspection.

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3. It’s dusty in your home.


The air filters in an efficient furnace filter out allergens, dust, pollen, mold, and other particles so you can breathe cleaner air. A sign that your furnace isn’t performing well is an increase in the amount of dust in your home. Extra dust means that your furnace is failing to filter out airborne particles from warm air. The first step is to check the condition of the air filter and either clean or replace it. Air filters should be maintained every season to keep your furnace running efficiently in the long run. Failing to keep up with the air filters could lead to permanent damage to the internal components.

No furnace lasts forever. The average lifespan of a heating system is 15 to 20 years, assuming you keep up with regular maintenance. If you have an older heating system and aren’t certain of its maintenance history, look for the serial number to determine its age. Just because you have an older unit doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced; however, you do need to prioritize taking care of it to prevent breakdowns.