3 of the Best SEO Tools for Monitoring Your Website in 2020

Mastering search engine optimization (SEO) and keeping track of your website’s online impressions can be difficult, especially if you’re…
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Mastering search engine optimization (SEO) and keeping track of your website’s online impressions can be difficult, especially if you’re relatively new to the concept of SEO. It’s a complex but vital set of techniques that can guarantee your website doesn’t get hidden under a pile of other website links on large search engines like Google. And, because of this, it’s important to know what tools you have available to yourself in order to monitor your online presence and engagement.

Companies like searchatlas.com make it easy for business owners to have a multitude of these resources at their fingertips. Here are a few examples of SEO tools that will help you best optimize your engagements online:

1. Content Optimization Tools

One of the first tools you’ll want to rely on when monitoring your online presence is a content optimization tool. You might be wondering, “What is a content optimization tool? And CONTENT; what content? I don’t have content!” Take a deep breath.

Creating content is important to sell a product or service. It can’t be simple enough to just post a description of your business or product and hope that people see it. Content will help put your business out there online and will help garner attention to your website. There is a lot involved in creating strong, SEO-rich content for your website. You’ll need to create a plan for content creation, making sure you’re intentional with your efforts and targeting your intended audiences with your content.

With content optimizers, machine learning techniques can be employed to review your content and the strength of its SEO. This and the suggestions it can give you can improve your standing on search engines, pushing your content to the forefront of the fray of content.

2. Backlink Analyzing Tools

Backlinks are “created when one website links to another. They can add a level of reputability to your site and bring your site to the forefront of searches. This will bring in new audiences who now have the vote of confidence in your business from other sites they visit and trust. So, backlinks are essential to creating a strong SEO plan.

Similarly, backlink analyzers will become valuable to your business as they will allow you the opportunity to compare your use of backlinks and the number of times you have been referenced on other sites; it can also compare your profile to that of a competitor, giving you the ability to monitor your growth against a said competitor and pivot course if need be.

3. Keyword Researching Tools

Lastly, an important tool that will make monitoring your online presence and your business’s success in reaching new audiences is a keyword research tool. These tools will allow you to check which keywords and key phrases work best for your business so that you can make strategic decisions that will improve your visibility online. Using a keyword research tool could send you from the tenth page of results on Google to page one. This will greatly improve your chances of people finding your content and products/services.

Optimizing your presence online can be difficult, but it’s vital to gaining new audience members and ensuring the success of your business. It can take some time to do research and understand these topics, but these tools will help you to learn and better monitor your site. Using these tools will ensure you can quickly and easily make sure all of your online content is visible on large search engines; you can kick back and relax knowing that these tools are doing the heavy lifting while monitoring your online presence.