3 Home Upgrades You Should Add to Your Wishlist

With spring on the way, many homeowners are starting to think about which home improvement projects they’re going to…
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With spring on the way, many homeowners are starting to think about which home improvement projects they’re going to prioritize when the season starts to change. Doing proper home maintenance and keeping your appliances and fixtures regularly upgraded is an essential part of being a homeowner, but it can be difficult to know which projects are most worth your time. You should always consider what the upgrade will add in terms of value to your home, but there are plenty of projects that are worth the investment purely because of the comfort or safety they provide. If you’re not sure where to start, read on to learn about three home upgrades that should be near the top of your list.

1. Revamp your kitchen, within reason.


Full-scale kitchen remodels often cost far more than they are worth, and that value is not reflected in what buyers are willing to pay for a home with a fully renovated kitchen. Upgrade your kitchen countertops to granite countertops or something similar, like quartz, to give the room a new look, and consider a tile backsplash behind them instead of completely tearing everything out and starting over. Modern appliances, especially smart technology, can make a real difference both for you and in a future sale, as interior design changes that make the space look more open and inviting. Keeping your kitchen modern and up to date is important, but just make sure you keep your investment modest unless you want to risk wasting money.

2. Remodel the bathroom.


When you’re considering home improvement options, why not prioritize the places that you spend the most time? Your bathroom is used constantly, and that means that having a clean and functional one is of the utmost importance. Beyond just remodels, maintenance is always important, and showers and sinks should be cleaned and regrouted regularly. You should reach out to professionals, like Lux Bath, to discuss what the best options are for your bathroom, as what types of repairs and renovations are best for you can vary quite a bit based on what fixtures are already present and what your needs are. Bathroom renovations are one of the types of home renovations that hold their value when it comes time to sell, which makes it an easy choice to move it towards the top of your list.

3. Consider eco-friendly renovations.


Buyers are becoming more and more interested in homes that are environmentally friendly and use sustainable technology. Not only do many kinds of smart technology make day to day life easier, but improvements like a smart HVAC system with a timer and automation can also control your energy usage and save you money on your energy bills, all while making your home more attractive to prospective buyers. Solar panels, smart kitchens, and energy-efficient appliances are the way of the future, and there’s no better time to get on board and upgrade than right now.

The best home upgrades are the ones that provide both meaningful improvements to your day to day life and a boost to your home’s value and equity. If you keep your focus on projects that fit these two criteria, you’ll find that it’s difficult to go wrong. However, successful home upgrades require a lot of preparation and planning, and if you don’t stick to a strict budget, you’ll often find that even smart ideas can become money pits that end up costing far more than you’ll ever see as a return on the investment. Take your time and let experts guide you through the process as you start to sort through your priorities, and you’ll find that the items on your wish-list become a reality sooner than you might have expected, it just takes a little hard work.