Why Is Maintaining Your Land Important?

Many homeowners dream of lush, green lawns and exciting landscaping that attracts bees and butterflies. However, these garden dreams…
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Many homeowners dream of lush, green lawns and exciting landscaping that attracts bees and butterflies. However, these garden dreams can quickly turn into weed nightmares if you aren’t careful. Owning land is a responsibility that will consume your time and energy. Before you embrace a complex landscape design, make sure you understand how much work lawn maintenance involves. Here’s why you need to carefully maintain your land.

Weeds and grass grow faster than you think.

One of the first things that homeowners learn is how fast weeds grow. In the warmer months and rainy seasons, you will likely need to weed your yard at least weekly (if not more). Your grass will also grow quickly, making your landscape design look messy and ragged. While you can invest in weed control, you need to be ready for unwanted plants to pop up in new locations. You also need to create a schedule for lawn care.

If you aren’t sure that you have the time to keep up with your gardening and lawn mowing tasks, look for a contractor who can help. If you live in Australia, there are lawn mowing services Brisbane that can help you get your front yard looking neat.

Some plants will overtake your garden.

If you don’t have experience creating garden designs, then you might be tempted to grab the most attractive plants at the market. While many garden centers specialize in local flora and are happy to help you pick out plants, there is a chance that you’ll choose options that overtake your lawn.

For example, some vines grow quickly and aggressively. While you might pick up a small plant to drape over a trellis, you could quickly find vines taking over your hedges and blocking your garden entrance.

If you are designing out outdoor space from scratch, consider hiring a landscape architect to guide your buying choices. For example, a Colorado landscape expert can recommend hearty plants and shrubs that will survive the winter without overtaking your lawn.

Improper drainage can hurt your home.

Land maintenance doesn’t just refer to your garden, it also refers to other outdoor areas. If you have a patio, walkway, fire pit, or other outdoor accessories then you need to make sure they are protected from your yard. Without the right drainage, you can keep water pooling around these areas, leaving them dirty and eventually warped. Countless decks have needed to be replaced because water rotted them out over time.

There are ways to control where the water goes in your yard. Mulch is a great tool for absorbing water and you can build different paths so any excess irrigation is pushed away from your home. If you are worried about water pooling in your yard, consult a landscape architect immediately.

You can learn to be a professional gardener.

Gardening is a skill, just like woodworking and plumbing. However, you won’t learn how to care for plants until you start to maintain your yard. Take steps to learn about the multiple aspects of gardening. For example, research the best way to prune your shrubs and the best time of year to do it. Identify native plants that are important to the ecosystem in your area.

With the right care, you can create a friendly lawn that is a haven for birds and a valuable source of food for bees and wildlife.

The first few months you live in your home will be spent on lawn care. However, once you create habits for lawn mowing and fertilization, you can focus on maintaining your yard and appreciating its gifts. Don’t let the hard work of lawn care turn you off from buying land. The time you spend nurturing plants is well worth the effort.