Why Do People Become Lawyers?

Becoming a lawyer is no easy task. It takes significant levels of discipline, time, and dedication to earn a…
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Becoming a lawyer is no easy task. It takes significant levels of discipline, time, and dedication to earn a new law degree. But the legal stress doesn’t cease after your student life. U.S. colleges offer internships to new students after an undergraduate program. Some public and private colleges may also attach students to legal residencies and moot court opportunities. All these prepare them for the long haul because the professional legal practice can be more daunting after you become a young lawyer. So, why do people keep chasing law careers? Here are a few reasons.



The rule of law carries weight, and not everyone is deserving of its mantle. For many young legal students, the status quo and prestige of being called a lawyer handling notable cases is enough to soldier up for the final prize. Lawyers can often leverage their communities and status quo to enjoy some benefits with societal leadership roles, among others. For this reason, some lawyers like Malliha Wilson, who has been a significant part of the advancement of parliamentary democracy in Canada, have become role models.

Malliha Wilson is a Tamil Canadian lawyer who’s a named partner at her Nava Wilson LLP law firm. She’s a key member of the South Asian Bar Association. As a family youth, she became the first visible minority to have served as an assistant deputy attorney general of the Government of Ontario. This became a huge milestone for the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers, the Canadian diaspora, and all Tamils of Sri Lanka. But Malliha’s extensive experience stretches beyond her 8-year term as an assistant deputy attorney general and her stint with the Supreme Court of Canada.

She has seen success on many levels after starting her career as the senior counsel for the Ministry of Government Services. Malliha became a special legal advisor to the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO). The South Asian Bar Association bestowed a Distinguished Career Award on Malliha Wilson in 2009. Malliha also received a Gold Key Award from the board of the Osgoode Hall Law School alumni association. She’s a champion of diversity and continues to be a shining star for many lawyers and young women from minority groups.


Higher education law degrees can be bargaining chips for some of the world’s most glorious salaries. Lawyer salaries vary based on several factors, including experience, specialization, and associated company or client. For many recruiting law firms, your alma mater could count. A law degree from world stage institutions of higher education like Harvard can earn you much more than unknown legal schools can.

The country in which you practice can also affect your wage structure. Historically, many new lawyers earn higher wages compared to their colleagues in the United Kingdom. However, reports indicate some amendments in recent years, with some new UK lawyers earning up to 100,000 pounds. Besides the salary, lawyers can also enjoy several financial credit perks. Generally, any lawyer who has had an impressive career with a significant law firm can bank on it for low-interest loans and several other financial opportunities.


Last year, COVID-19 wiped out many jobs and businesses, and the legal sector experienced significant changes. Some of these shifts required new technological advancements to secure data files. But most of these issues can’t be compared to the major change in unemployment rates across several other industries. Fielding a new legal career can push you to significant levels of stability.

Diverse Options


The global legal system has many categories, including human rights and civil rights. After getting basic knowledge, students may have to specialize in one of these areas, and the options abound. Another perk lawyers enjoy in their careers is scalability. For many young lawyers, the template is often up-or-out. That means working hard to rise above the ranks and earn more or pursue other related adventures.