What Do Social Security Disability Lawyers Do?

If you suffer from a chronic physical or mental illness, you may have wondered what a social security disability…
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If you suffer from a chronic physical or mental illness, you may have wondered what a social security disability lawyer could do for you. In the United States, the reality is that it can be difficult and complicated to apply for social security benefits without help.

While many people successfully navigate disability cases with the government on their own, others tend to get favorable disability verdicts with the help of a disability attorney. If you or someone you know is unable to sustain gainful employment because of medical issues, read on to find out what a social security lawyer might be able to do to help.

Advocating for SSI and SSDI Benefits


Most social security disability lawyers are best known for their ability to successfully navigate the disability claim filing process. Able to represent clients who can’t work due to a mental or physical condition, they can help people to show the courts that they legally qualify as disabled in the United States. These highly specialized attorneys understand the often complex process of applying for disability and can work through the appeal process if someone is declined on their first attempt to file for disability benefits.

Disability lawyers can navigate both SSI and SSDI claims, which work the same but add up to a different formula in how benefits are calculated. For someone on SSDI, a favorable disability verdict will be tied to the amount of money the claimant was making before they became disabled. For someone on SSI, there’s a set amount to keep the claimant just above the poverty line. A social security lawyer will be able to help with either type of claim.

Proving Medical Conditions


Unfortunately, many people are denied on their first and second attempts at filing for disability. For this reason, many claimants opt to hire a social security lawyer to help them through the complex disability appeals process which can involve doctor’s appointments, psychological exams, and meetings with judges and hearing specialists. In having a lawyer on your side during a lengthy process that can take up to two years, you’ll likely feel more confident about your claim.

Showing Significant Income Losses and Inability to Work


Part of the claim process involves being able to show that you can’t work and have experienced a loss of income due to your medical condition. An experienced social security lawyer can help to make this process easier. They can also advocate for you in proving continued disability during disability reviews.

Most people don’t know that being approved for disability doesn’t guarantee a lifetime disability check. Instead, people on SSI and SSDI have to go through reviews at least every seven years to show that their medical condition has either stayed the same or worsened. If you’ve been on either program and have a review coming up, it could be a good idea to get in contact with one of these specialized lawyers now for a better chance at staying on benefits. Losing benefits after a long period of being on them can mean your health insurance will be at risk as well. A social security attorney can help.

At the end of the day, seeking a free consultation with a social security lawyer is a good way to take the first steps toward filing a disability claim. A disability attorney will be able to advocate for you, tell you your chances of a favorable verdict, and more. If you’re not confident about your own ability to file a claim, a social security lawyer could be the answer you’re looking for. Best of luck with your decision and may your health improve.