Tips for Running a Top-Notch Ministry

The mission of the church is to be the hands and feet of Jesus on earth. As a church…
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The mission of the church is to be the hands and feet of Jesus on earth. As a church leader, your projections for where your church will go are often centered on this core purpose. How can I best lead my congregation in the ways of Christ? How can I effectively guide those under my leadership to be the best they can be? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, know that you’re in good company. Every church leader should strive for things such as these, and they’re not always easy to determine. Here are just a few ways to run a top-notch ministry.

Point to the Point

Remember that as a church leader, your goal is not to focus on yourself or your church as a tangible thing. Having a large congregation, a vast volunteer base, or steady tithes and offerings is not the point; we’re here to point to the point. God is the reason for all that we do and all that we should be doing. Remind your attendees every Sunday that the building is not the church, the people are.

Matthew 18:20 says that when two or more gather in God’s name, he is there with them. It’s not about us, our numbers, or our flashy building; it’s about coming together to praise and worship God. When you lead in such a manner, the congregation will follow. A church can only thrive when it’s thriving for the right reasons.


Fill Up Before You Pour Out

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. Apply this concept to your ministry and volunteer base. Make sure that each week you’re taking a Sabbath to fill your heart with the word of God. Spend time with Jesus, reflect on the week that has ended, and prepare for the week to come.

Encourage your volunteers to attend a service either before or after they serve one. Whether they’re leading the Sunday school curriculum or praying over attendees after service, they’re giving of themselves in a Christ-like way. Pouring out this energy, love, and encouragement needs a steady refill.


Teamwork Makes God’s Dream Work

It’s key to remember that you can’t run a successful ministry by yourself. You may feel a need to control everything on your own, that you can handle things best independently, but delegation is key. Set leaders in place for every aspect of your church. Have a team leader for everyone from children’s ministry to parking assistance.

When you have a steady leadership team, it allows you to focus on what you need to do as the head of your church. Trust that the people you appoint to spearhead these areas of ministry are equipped by the Holy Spirit to fulfill their callings. Set regular meetings to discuss where the church is thriving and where improvement is needed. Working together as the body of Christ creates unity in Jesus’ name.


Rome Wasn’t Built Overnight

God created the universe in seven days, but that doesn’t mean your church’s timeline will be so hasty and impressive. Don’t expect overnight growth or response to new implementations. Like most things in life, building a healthy church takes time. Set your plans, implement your ideas, and put in the work.

Pray for God’s discernment, provision, and guidance. Trust that life is not about our timing, it’s about the timeline God has set in place. Continue to walk in the ways of Christ, stay humble and selfless, encourage those you lead, and trust your father. Isaiah 58:11 says that where God guides, he provides. If he has placed this calling on your heart, he’ll see you through it.