The Ultimate Guide to Buying Lingerie Online: How to Keep Your Computer and Your Credit Card Safe

We all deserve to get a saucy little treat for ourselves or a special someone every now and then….
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We all deserve to get a saucy little treat for ourselves or a special someone every now and then. Sexy lingerie can act as the perfect gift for yourself or someone close to you to add a bit of spice and confidence to your wardrobe. Whether it’s a full lacy set or a silky slip for night-time, getting something new and intimate is always exciting. And that excitement should come risk-free, without worrying about potential credit card theft or computer viruses. These dangers are always lurking online, but you don’t need to worry about them unduly if you follow the next crucial steps.

Install a good anti-virus program

Anti-viral software is vital for keeping your computer safe while browsing online. It will work in the background to safeguard your computer from virus attacks while you surf the web safely and securely. Some providers require you to pay, but for most users, a free version can also suffice depending on what sort of sites you visit. Even for the paid versions, there is almost always a free trial so you don’t have to commit fully straight away. Try it out today and leave your concerns surrounding internet safety behind.

Never save your credit card information in your web browser

It can be tempting when that little pop-up appears, asking if you want to save your credit card information for faster checkout next time. No matter how safe they claim this is, it’s not worth the risk. Once you’ve saved your information online, there is always the possibility that someone can hack in and find it. Even if it means sacrificing a little bit more time while online shopping, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Stick with reputable retailers

We all know sex sells, and some scam artists use that to their advantage. Take a second look at the quality of the photography, the name of the brand, and the layout of the website. Does anything strike you as odd? Google the brand name and see if anything comes up. Maybe you were about to be hoodwinked by a well-designed scam site. Before you give any private information or financial details to an unknown site, you have to be sure they are the real deal. A common flaw that pops up a lot on fake clothing websites, such as for lingerie, is when you click through different color options, the model and picture stay the same and only the color of the clothing changes, almost like a clip art effect. This is a sign that there are no real products on the other end, only a scammer trying to steal your money or personal details.

Know how to remove a virus

If your carefully laid plans still go awry, then it’s vital to know how to clean up and save your computer if a virus gets through. You can find a range of guides and helpful advice online. For example, one particularly pesky virus is the Segurazo Virus, which can reinstall itself if you’re not sure to delete all of its core files. Following a detailed guide like this for uninstalling the Segurazo Virus is vital to making sure it’s truly gone and your computer is safe once more.

Now that you’ve got all these tips under your belt, you’re safe once more to scour the internet for that perfect piece of sexy lingerie for you or someone special. Everyone should be able to shop with peace of mind and without the fear of fraud or giving out money with no product in return. Now that you’re free to shop in safety, happy browsing!