The Best Dog Friendly Vacation Destinations

Do you love to travel but are unsure what to do with your furry friend when you leave on…
a dog walking on a beach

Do you love to travel but are unsure what to do with your furry friend when you leave on an adventure? You don’t want to be one of those dog owners who abandon their dog at a kennel, which can get expensive and isn’t the ideal situation for your pup. However, it’s not always easy traveling with a dog, as they can limit your freedom, impacting where you go and what you do.

Taking a vacation with your dog, especially for the first time, requires extra planning to ensure that you have pet-friendly accommodation and don’t have to leave them behind for long stretches of time. From wide-open outdoor spaces to dog-friendly cities, here are a few ideas of where to bring your pup along on your next trip.

The Beach

Vacations at the beach are typically very dog-friendly. Whether you rent a seaside house in North Carolina, Southern California, or the Oregon Coast, or find a lake cabin somewhere in Idaho, Montana, or Washington, water destinations are great options for dog-friendly travels. You’ll have plenty of space to take them on walks with a leash or even let them run free along the beach. The vast open space of sandy beaches is the perfect spot for your dog to release its energy. If they’re a swimmer, they’ll love being able to jump in the lake or ocean after a day of play.

Don’t forget to take photos to commemorate your vacation. Although it’s fun to post on social media, you may want to create a photo album from your trip, making a photo book of your memories. Shutterfly allows you to create some of the best photo books with options to customize your album into a layout with photos, captions, and backgrounds of your choosing. With a custom photo book, you’ll have a keepsake of memories with your furry friend you can cherish forever.

Road Trip


Hopping in the car and setting out on the open road with your furry friend in the backseat is the perfect dog-friendly adventure. Road trips are especially convenient for small dogs that don’t take up much space. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of bringing them on a plane and can stop along the way at sites and let the pup out for walks and mini-adventures wherever you please.

Suppose you’re looking for a better way to take them on walks considering switching to a harness instead of a leash. With an easy-to-close chest strap, Joyride Harness offers the best harness on the market. While you’re exercising your dog on your vacation, you won’t need to worry about them pulling and can go exploring without worry. The harness will make walking easier for you and improve your dog’s comfort. Enjoy the freedom of the road, letting your sense of adventure take you and your pup wherever you please.

Camping in Nature


Escape on a camping adventure in a forest or mountain with your dog. Anytime you bring your pup to somewhere abundant in nature is a wonderful opportunity for them to exercise, explore, and run themselves tired chasing after squirrels. Setting up camp is a great way to spend your vacation, as you don’t have to worry about finding a pet-friendly hotel, paying extra fees for bringing a pet, or keeping them locked inside your accommodation during the day if you go exploring somewhere they can’t come. Keep in mind that national parks don’t allow dogs, so choose a dog-friendly campsite outside of a national park for your vacation. Explore during the day, build a campfire by dusk, and get cozy in your tent at night.

Dog-Friendly Cities

If you’re more of a city than a nature person, there’s no reason you can’t bring your dog along for the vacation still. Look for dog-friendly cities that are easy to walk in and have plenty of outdoor spaces like dog parks and beaches where you can bring your dog for exercise. Other factors to look for are dog-friendly bars and restaurants, and outdoor dining spaces that allow pets. Cities like Seattle, Portland, and Austin are all great places to consider as they have plentiful dog-friendly parks, restaurants, and dog owners that will make for a fun vacation.